Are You Ready to #SmoochUrPooch


This post is sponsored by TropiClean and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about TropiClean Dental Products, but DogTipper only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. TropiClean is not responsible for the content of this article. As you can tell from this photo, […]

Review: Tooth to Tail Antioxidant Oral Gel


This past year, Irie had to have three teeth extracted which just killed us. She had cracked the teeth and had an abscess as well. Besides the pain and discomfort to Irie, it was so painful to us to watch her recover after the extractions. It’s also painful financially–the bill was close to $1,000 for […]

Doggie Breath No Laughing Matter


Do you think doggie breath is normal? Contrary to popular opinion, bad pet breath can be a sign of serious health issues. “While smelly breath in pets is common, pet owners who believe this is normal are missing the signs of poor oral health or potential dental disease,” said Dr. Brook Niemiec, a board certified […]

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: GREENIES


For us, GREENIES® are a way to keep our dogs’ teeth and gums healthy and clean. For our dogs, though, they mean one thing: TREAT! The number one veterinarian-recommended dental chew, GREENIES fight plaque and tartar under the guise of a great treat…Irie and Tiki just LOVE them! Recently Tiki was at the vet’s office […]

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth with Q-tips


Brushing your dog’s teeth isn’t just a great idea for your dog’s dental health; healthy teeth and gums can help prevent all kinds of diseases and infections throughout the entire body. Brushing your dog’s teeth doesn’t require any special equipment…you can even use Q-tips® as a doggie toothbrush! To brush your dog’s teeth with Q-tips, […]

Senior Dog Gifts: Silver Tails Vet-Tech Dental Care System


We’ve been reporting about Silver Tails products for senior pets for DogTipper’s Senior Gift Guide. We’ve looked at the Silver Tails Hand-Held Massager, Infrared Massager, Bamboo-Charcoal Mats & Pet Bed Covers, and their Senior-Friendly Chew Toys. We are glad that the needs of senior pets are being recognized and met by this range of thoughtful […] Offers Pet Dental Coupon Code


Dental care is a huge part of your dog’s health…and not just for February’s Pet Dental Health Month! DogTipper has recently received a coupon code from which, along with offering human dental products, also offers pet dental products. You can use this five percent discount on any product on the site. Company URL: […]

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