Diet & Fitness Gift Guide: Lickety Stik

This time of year, we’re all looking for ways to watch calories…and that includes the calories we give to our dogs. Many treats can be high in calories and that can really add up, especially when you’re doing training with your dog and using many treats per session. Training treats may be small but they […]

Diet & Fitness Gift Guide: Petmate Infinity Programmable Feeder

Looking for a way to feed your dog the correct amount of food at each meal, without measuring every portion yourself? We have the answer. Petmate, a company that makes many feeding and watering solutions for pets, offers the Petmate Infinity Programmable Feeder. This automatic feeder comes in two sizes (5 and 10 pounds) to […]

Diet & Fitness Gift Guide: “Dieting with My Dog”

Book: Dieting With My Dog: One Busy Life; Two Full Figures and Unconditional Love Author: Peggy Frezon Publisher: Hubble & Hattie DogTipper Review:┬áDieting With My Dog is a straightforward, honest account of the author Peggy Frezon’s efforts to overcome her struggles with weight. She had tried diet after diet but nothing “took” until she discovered […]

Our New Gift Guide: Diet & Fitness for Your Dog!

Today we’re launching a new gift guide: Diet and Fitness for your dog! If one of your resolutions this year is to help your dog get or stay fit in the coming year (and maybe lose a little extra weight along the way), we’ll be featuring a product a day to help you make those […]