Preparing for a Tropical Storm — Keeping Your Pets Safe

Well, just a few short weeks after the flooding in our area on Memorial Day weekend, we’re once again preparing for flooding rains tonight with the arrival of Tropical Storm Bill. The storm isn’t predicted to be too big in terms of wind damage (although we are under a tornado watch right now) but is […]

How to Help Pets in Oklahoma

BlogPaws, Pet360 and World Vets are teaming up using the Blogger Disaster Response Network (BDRN) to step up for Oklahoma. We’ve all seen the images of devastation and we believe as a team we can make a big difference. The largest need at the moment is cash. Donations will be collected by World Vets here […]

Dr. Marty Becker’s Advice on Preparing for a Natural Disaster

June 1 means the official start of hurricane season for the Atlantic Ocean (the Pacific Hurricane season is already underway.) Warmer weather also means an increased chance of tornadoes, floods, and wildfires. Are you — and your pets — ready in case of a natural disaster and emergency evacuation? Today we have a special video […]

Ensuring Your Dog’s Safety in a Disaster

No one likes to think about natural disasters but there’s no denying that they can sneak up at any time. Last Labor Day, the worst wildfires in Texas history struck not that far from us; we could smell the smoke for weeks. Along with the destruction of over 1,600 homes and one of the prettiest […]

Eukanuba, Iams, Natura Donate 30 Tons to Texas Wildfire Pets

As you know, this week has been unreal across central Texas, our home. The media isn’t even describing this catastrophe as “wildfires” but “the firestorm.” It’s really hard to watch the news every night without crying as you see the many, many families left homeless (1,400 in one fire alone) and the lost and sometimes […]

Assembling an Evacuation Kit for Your Dog

This month we’ve been covering disaster preparedness for keeping your dog safe in a natural disaster. The best time to prepare for a natural disaster is, of course, before one strikes. It only takes a moment to assemble an emergency evacuation kit for your dog but it can mean so much if you have to […]

Making Sure Your Dog is Evacuated If You’re Not Home

This week we covered some packing tips from Dr. Donna Spector of VCA Animal Hospitals to use to prepare an emergency kit for you and your dog in case of a natural disaster. But what if a natural disaster strikes when you’re at work or otherwise away from home? Here are Dr. Spector’s tips on […]

Finding Pet Shelter in an Evacuation

Yesterday we covered “Relocating With Your Dog in a Disaster,” part of this week’s series on disaster preparedness for your pets. In that post, we shared some tips from VCA’s Dr. Donna Spector about preparations you can take before a disaster for finding a place that would accept you and your pets should you need […]

Relocating with Your Dog in a Disaster

With the numerous natural disasters in recent weeks (and hurricane season just beginning), we’ve been focusing on keeping your dog safe in a natural disaster. Today we have tips from Dr. Donna Spector with VCA Animal Hospitals about what to do once you’ve evacuated with your dog during a disaster. Here are her tips on […]

Protecting Your Pets in a Natural Disaster

This spring has been such a scary time for natural disasters, from tornadoes, floods, and wildfires in North America to earthquakes and tsunamis overseas. Just last week, we attended a wildfire preparedness meeting in our area held by the Forest Service with information on ways to “harden” your home to make it more fire-resistant and […]