Win a Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test! #WhosYourDaddy


You know how much we LOVE mixed breed dogs–in fact, our own Irie and Tiki are mixes of mixes. A few years ago, we had our Tiki’s DNA tested using Wisdom Panel and, to the surprise of everyone, she turned out to be primarily doberman and poodle with lesser amounts bulldog and Sheltie! Now it’s […]

Banfield Now Offers Genetic Testing


One of the most commonly asked questions we get here on DogTipper is “what breed is Tiki?” Well, even though Tiki is a mix of mixes, we know what breeds make up at least part of her heritage thanks to the Wisdom Panel DNA test…and we just heard that Banfield Pet Hospitals are now offering […]

DNA Testing Your Dog


This past year, we’ve been doing some freelance writing for The Dog Daily. We now have permission to use some of our articles…and those from other expert pet writers…on DogTipper, so watch for some of our articles here! DNA Testing Your Dog By Paris Permenter and John Bigley for The Dog Daily What’s your dog’s […]

PetSafe Breed Identification DNA Kit Review


Product: PetSafe Breed Identification DNA Kit Manufacturer: PetSafe What It Is: home DNA collection kit for identifying dog breeds DogTipper Review: Have you ever wondered what breeds make up your mixed breed dog’s heritage? We’ve had both Irie and Tiki tested and learned their breed mix and have had so much fun telling people about […]

What Breed is My “Brother”?


**Congratulations to Prima Donna, winner of the Barkonomics giveaway!** As you know, our dogs are very mixed breed dogs. We had the chance to have them DNA tested a while back and the results were surprising, both for Irie and for Tiki. It has been so much fun telling people what combination of breeds make […]

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