Winter Dog Baths: 7 Ways to Clean Your Dog During Cold Weather

Time for a dog bath? Hmm…if you’re like us and dog baths are usually an outdoor activity, it’s time for Plan B. Even here in central Texas, most days are way too chilly for a dog bath so we’re getting creative with the bath options. It’s important to keep up a grooming routine even during […]

How to Give Your Dog a Bath During the Winter Months

We may be counting down until the calendar switches from winter to spring–but in many locations, warm weather lags far behind that switch of seasons. We usually bathe Irie and Tiki outdoors but, during the winter months, that bathing routine has to switch up a bit unless the temperatures rise into the mid-80s where we […]

Woof-Ah™ Bath Mitt

Product Name: Woof-Ah™ Bath Mitt What It Is: bath mitt for use bathing your dog indoors or outside. The bath mitt is attached to a seven-foot-long hose: The mitt can be used for bathing your dog indoors or outside. The kit comes with adapters for an outdoor hose (on left in photo below) or to […]