2012 Gift Guide: Woofwerks Dog Collars at Surfpet.com

ALL WOOFWERKS  COLLARS AND LEASHES Would you like a holiday present for your dog that’s as practical as it is beautiful? Check out the lovely Woofwerks dog collars on Surfpet.com. These USA-made collars are hand-crafted using vegetable-dyed, English bridle leather. The collars feature non-corrosive brass or nickel fittings anchored to survive even the strongest tugs. […]

What’s New: Max & Coco Collars and Leashes

Product: Max & Coco™ Collars and Leashes What it is: Premium leashes and collars for dogs Manufacturer: Max & Coco Handcrafted Dog Accessories, Miami, FL If you and your pooch are looking to make a fashion statement beyond the usual leather or fabric strap collars and leashes, Max & Coco offers some handsome alternatives with […]

Fido’s Faves: Glowdoggie LED Collar

Product or Place I Am Reviewing: Glowdoggie Led Collar My Dog’s Name: Evie, Tressa and Harley What I Liked About This Product or Place: That it is built into the collar, can see my dogs at night, because two of them are black and silver and the other is dark salt and pepper. The batteries […]

Review: Pawsibilities Collar System

Product: Pawsibilities What It Is: dog collar system with interchangeable top bands Manufacturer: Pawsibilities in Andover, MA DogTipper Review: We’ve mentioned before about how we love to change out our dogs’ collars. Our two girls will not wear cute dog clothing so “dress up” around here means a fashion collar. We’ve learned about an easy […]

Review: PetHub Link Tags & PetHub Link ScruffTag Collars

Product: PetHub Link Tags & PetHub Link ScruffTag Collars What It Is: ID tags and collars using QR tags to identify your dog or cat Company: PetHub (all collars and tags made in USA) DogTipper Review: We first got acquainted with PetHub thanks to the HollyWOOF gift bag, a special event that put new dog […]

Review: Rustic Hound Collars

Product: Rustic Hound Dog Collars What It Is: Waterproof dog collars with charms Manufacturer: Rustic Hound DogTipper Review: As our regular readers know, dressing up Irie and Tiki generally means switching out their collars. Our girls are not clothes hounds in any sense of the word so if it doesn’t decorate their collars, it usually […]

Holiday Gift Guide: collars2switch Designer Dog Collars

Changing your dog’s collar is a fun way to “dress up” your dog…but switching over his tags requires some extra (but very necessary) work. One product allows dog lovers to frequently change their dog’s collar without ever moving those tags. The collars2switch Designer Dog Collars feature designs that are easily switchable within seconds. The system […]

Review: Glowdoggie LED Collar

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/-C4x9YoqIuA 588 300] Product: Glowdoggie™ Ultra LED Collar What it is: dog collar with LEDs Manufacturer: Glowdoggie, Toronto, Canada DogTipper Review: We operate on a two-dog walks per day schedule around here and we look forward to those constants in our life as much as Irie and Tiki do. But, now that the days […]

Review: Woofwerks Leather Dog Collar

Product: “The Tucker” by Woofwerks What it is: Premium, all-leather dog collar Manufacturer: Woofwerks in Boston, Mass. (Made in USA) DogTipper Review: Collars, collars, collars; we’ve been through quite a few with Irie and Tiki. During their puppy days, we went through inexpensive collars right and left. The duo was capable of chewing each other’s […]

Review: Trail Paws Market Hemp Dog Collars

Product: Trails Paws Market Hemp Dog Collars What It Is: eco-friendly dog collars (and leashes) Manufacturer: Trail Paws Market, a company based in North Carolina DogTipper Review: You know that feeling when you slip on a pair of well-worn blue jeans and just feel like “ahh…now I’m home…” We want our dogs to have that […]