December Dog Horoscopes

November was quite the colorful month. And as the leaves lose color and the colder temperatures approach, we have our sights set on the winter months ahead. With cold air looming just outside our doorstep, we just may find ourselves spending more time than ever with our furry friends. December is a wonderful time of […]

November Dog Horoscopes

October was quite the month; we were able to embrace the full spectrum of Autumn weather, started taking our jackets and scarves off of that hidden top shelf of the closet, and slowly entered the end-of-year holiday season. While the cold weather blues can possibly start to set in for some, it’s always good to […]

October Dog Horoscopes

As summer officially comes to a close, we welcome a new season with open arms. Colorful, vibrant leaves will begin to blossom, flip-flops and swim trunks will be stored away, and pumpkin-spiced everything will become front-and-center in your daily diet. Our furry friends finally heave a sigh of relief knowing they can spend a bit […]

Your Dog’s Horoscope for September

September: the notorious “back to school” season, the beginning of autumn, and a new cycle of the astrological calendar. It also means more monthly dog horoscopes from the talented pet psychics at Hollywood Psychics. September is shaping up to be an emotional month for almost all the dogs of the zodiac; read on to find […]

August Dog Horoscopes

It’s August and the sun is shining, the summer is quickly coming to its end, and the planets have a lot more in store for our furry friends. Fortunately, the online pet psychics of Hollywood Psychics can help decipher some of what is in store for our dogs’ fate this month. Aries As usual, you […]

July Horoscope for Dogs

Summer is in full swing and as we welcome the warmer months of July and August, we find ourselves in the dog days of a popular-yet-busy season. Whether you’re embracing the heat with beach days and adventures or bunkering down in the cool air conditioning with your furry friend, we can tell you exactly what […]

June Horoscope for Dogs

With spring winding down and summer just around the corner, June is a month of transition and new beginnings. The new month also brings a new round of pet horoscopes for our canine companions. Luckily, the pet psychics at Hollywood Psychics can help you decipher what is in store for your pup this month. Aries […]

May Horoscopes for Dogs

May brings warmer weather, flowers from the showers, and the start of BBQ season; it also brings more pet horoscopes from Hollywood Psychics for your canine companions. Find your dog’s zodiac sign and learn your pet’s horoscope for the month! Aries The peppy and playful Aries dog will be influenced by Venus in May; so […]

Your Dog’s April Horoscope

April showers bring May flowers, but Hollywood Psychics has more pet horoscopes and readings for your pooch for the month of April. Find your pet’s astrological sign and learn what you can expect this month. Read on! Aries Aries dogs will be in their element this month. However, feisty Fidos will need a strong hand […]

Dog Horoscopes for March

This month, the pet psychics at Hollywood Psychics offer up pet horoscope readings for dogs for March. Not sure what this month holds for your pet? Your pet’s zodiac signs will be able to tell you what you (and he!) can expect by looking to the stars! Aries From laid-back poodles to hyperactive Labs, anxious […]