Dog Art: Dog Sculptures in Oregon

From canines who have carved out a place in history through acts of courage to the tail-wagging chum of a character from children’s literature, Oregon shows its devotion to dogs throughout the state. We continue our periodic look at dog art around the world with a virtual visit to a few of The Beaver State’s […]

Dog Art: Sculptures in New Jersey

The Garden State is dotted with an abundance of sculpture dedicated to our perennial devotion to dogs. From a modern look at a Rover that represents music’s past to depictions of bravery cast in bronze, we continue our ongoing look at dog art throughout the world with a virtual visit to New Jersey: Atlantic City A […]

Dog Sculptures in Wales

The birthplace of such breeds as the Welsh Corgi, the Welsh Springer Spaniel and the Welsh Sheepdog, Wales is also home to several famous dog sculptures. In DogTipper’s ongoing look at the link between fine art and our four-legged friends, we shine a spotlight on depictions of dogs in the country known as “the land […]

Remembering Smoky the War Dog

Small enough to snuggle inside a soldier’s helmet, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier with a big heart was the embodiment of the phrase “man’s best friend” in the eyes of the 5th Air Force, 26th Photo Recon Squadron in World War II. Today the legacy of Smoky the War Dog‘s loyalty lives thanks to monuments around […]

Dog Art: New Zealand Dog Sculptures

Edgar Degas once said that “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Throughout history, artists have unleashed their talent through the medium of sculpture to help the public see the true beauty of our pals with paws. In the first of DogTipper’s periodic series of articles about fine art and […]