Dogs4Diabetes Provides Independence

Diabetes affects 29 million Americans, with more than five million individuals required to take insulin to ward off complications from the disease. Helping to keep the condition under control is the role of Dogs4Diabetics medical alert assistance dogs, whose noses know the scent of impending hypoglycemia. Thanks to their work, the dogs are able to […]

Oakland Athletics To Host Bark at the Park July 18th

The Oakland Athletics will step up to the plate to help both people and pets when they face the Baltimore Orioles at their ninth annual Bark at the Park on July 18th. Prior to the first pitch, sports-loving Spots will receive a doggie bag filled with goodies from AvoDerm, Nylabone and ADAMS; promenade with their […]

Dog Day at the Park, Oakland, CA, July 19, 2012

Going to bat for service dogs who step up to the place every day for people with diabetes, the Oakland Athletics invite baseball buffs and their barking buddies to their 7th annual Dog Day at the Park. The Spot-centric showdown between the A’s and the New York Yankees will begin with a pre-game Pup Rally, […]