The Caring Vet: Preventing Weight Gain During Winter

Dog with booties and sweater walks in snow

Recent record cold temperatures across the US have created a host of problems including the disruption of regular exercise routines. For pet parents and their dogs, this can mean less activity and more couch time. Below, in The Caring Vet Column, Dr. Jeff Werber discusses how weight gain often accompanies canine inaction as well as […]

The Caring Vet: Heading Off Holiday Pet Problems


With the holiday season bearing down like a runaway sleigh, it’s important to consider how to help our dogs cope with the added excitement and change of routine that the holidays bring. Pet parents know that dogs (and many humans!) are creatures of habit; below in The Caring Vet Column, Dr. Jeff Werber addresses the […]

The Caring Vet: Keeping Your Dog Safe During Cold And Flu Season


The advent of winter weather signals the beginning of cold and flu season for humans. These illnesses are more prevalent when folks spend more time indoors where germs are more easily passed between them. We all know the drill for preventing the spread of our seasonal maladies, but what about our dogs? Are they also susceptible […]

The Caring Vet: Helping Arthritic Dogs Cope with the Cold


In cold weather, joints stiffen up and are less prone to movement. As people with arthritis know, joints feel stiffer in the morning and during cold weather. When it’s cold, we’re more reluctant to get up and get moving, the one thing that will help! That’s the double whammy of arthritis in the winter, the […]

The Caring Vet: Tips for Making Thanksgiving Pet Friendly


Don’t look now, but the holiday season is in full swing. And, don’t think your pets don’t know it! Even if they appear to be unaware of the hustle and bustle around them, they know that something is up. Delicious smells emanating from the kitchen, an extra level of excitement from the kids and a […]

The Caring Vet: Ten Tips for Safer Pet Travel


Many dogs love to go riding in the car with their pet parents (most cats are another story!) But whether you are traveling for pleasure or by necessity (like taking a pet to the vet’s office) there are a few things to consider before you hit the road. Below, in “The Caring Vet Column,” Dr. […]

The Caring Vet: Bringing Home a Puppy


The decision to add a new furry family member should be a time of joy for the household, especially if your family has prepared properly for the event. The more research and planning you do beforehand has a direct effect on the success of the adoption process and eventually how happy and healthy your dog […]

The Caring Vet: Fall Pet Allergies


Does autumn mean Spot is suddenly scratching? If your dog is exhibiting signs of allergies, it could be related to the change of seasons. Today in “The Caring Vet Column,” Dr. Jeff Werber discusses fall allergies and Fidos! FALL ALLERGIES So, with summer coming to an end, and the weather cooling down, I’m sure many […]

The Caring Vet: 5 Dog Myths


What’s myth and what’s fact? When it comes to our dogs, it’s not always easy to know. Today in “The Caring Vet Column,” Dr. Jeff Werber, a veterinarian who is well-known to television audiences, looks at five myths you may have grown up hearing about man’s best friend! MYTH #1: A Cold Wet Nose Indicates […]

Top Pet Care Savings Tips


Today we bring you the first in the new “The Caring Vet Column” by Dr. Jeff Werber, a veterinarian who is well-known to television audiences. He’ll be bringing his tips on all aspects of life with your pets here to! Today’s topic is one that we’re especially fond of here: saving money on your […]

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