Buried Treasure: Easter!

With Easter fast approaching, we thought this weekend’s Buried Treasure roundup would feature some Easter-themed articles from our 6,500-page archives: Avoiding Easter Chocolates The importance of keeping your dog away from those Easter chocolates, signs of chocolate toxicity, and what to do if your dog eats chocolate are all included in this Tips article. Recipe: […]

What’s New: Easter Dog Cookies from Rosie’s Barkery

It’s almost Easter and that means Easter treats over at Rosie’s Barkery! This company, which uses human grade, high quality ingredients, has a line of Easter goodies for your dog. All the cookies include gluten-free oat flour, organic free-range eggs, filtered water, and vitamin E. The line of Easter cookies includes: The Easter Bonny: Made […]

Our Doggie Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter to all those who are celebrating today! We started off our day with an early Easter egg hunt for the dogs. Both Tiki and Irie really enjoy hunting for eggs and treats in the yard (and I’ve resolved to do this at least once a month for them…they really enjoy tracking down their […]

What’s New at DogTipper

It has been a busy month here at DogTipper (actually a busy few months!) but we’re finally getting the to-do list whittled down! In the last several months, we’ve been doing revisions on several of our guidebooks (our “other” job): Insider’s Guide to San Antonio, Day Trips from San Antonio, the Jamaica chapter of Fodor’s […]

Wordless Wednesday: Easter Egg Hunting

Irie and Tiki love our annual Easter (boiled) egg hunts in the yard; above, Irie’s stalking an elusive egg on last year’s hunt. Along with a few boiled, peeled eggs, we hide some treats in the yard while the dogs are indoors. Once they’re outside, it only takes them a few minutes to locate the […]

Easter Egg Hunt, Citrus Heights, CA, April 16, 2011

Hop along for the Easter Egg Hunt and Bonnet Contest for Dogs, an annual event in Citrus Heights, California. Make sure to bring your dog’s bonnet to compete in the bonnet contest before the hunt begins. The winner of the bonnet contest will receive a spa package basket from Waggin’ Tails and VibraPet Foods. There […]

Turtle Creek Pet Costume Contest, Dallas, TX, Apr. 17, 2011

Dogs will sport their Easter finery at a pet costume contest at Lee Park in Dallas, Texas. It’s part of “Creek Craze,” an annual event sponsored by the Turtle Creek Association and the Lee Park/Arlington Hall Conservancy. You can register for the contest online or at the park on the day of the event, beginning […]

Our Dogs’ Easter Egg Hunt

Our dogs love Easter egg hunts. Last year we had the first hunt and through the year we’ve done some fun hunts for pieces of hot dogs and kibble in the yard. This year our Easter egg hunt consisted of a few boiled eggs, some hot dog pieces, and some square of cheese (all taken […]

Planning an Easter Egg Hunt for Your Dog

Whether or not you celebrate Easter, planning an Easter egg hunt for your dog can be great fun. (And it’s something you can do any time of the year with equally enjoyable results!) Hunting down food in the grass appeals to your dog’s natural instincts to seek out food (plus it makes for a great […]

Anatomy of a Photo

Do you ever see a dog photo and think, “How did they get that shot??” We might have found the answer this week: editing. Lots and lots of editing. This week we decided we wanted to at least try to get a photo of our dogs wearing Easter bunny ears. OK, it’s silly. We know […]