Adoptable Dog of the Day: Daisy in California


Daisy is an adult English Bulldog in the care of Last Hope Cat Kingdom in Atwater, CA. She was abandoned by her previous owners who apparently used her in a puppy mill type situation. Due to the hard life she led, Daisy developed severe arthritis in her hips and so is classified as a special […]

Celebrity Bulldog Invites NYC Pets to Ice Cream Social

Fwd_ Re_ Celeb Bulldog to Help Keep NYC Pets Cool this Summer-1

A talented tail-wagger who loves to show off his hot dogging skills on a skateboard invites pups and their pet parents to beat the heat this summer at an ice cream social. On July 21st fans of Fidos can meet Wally– the English Bulldog who traveled the country with fellow four-legged skateboarding fanatic Tillman to […]

Who Let the Dogs Out on Animal Planet Feb. 18


As the world’s fastest skateboarding Fido he’s hot dogged into the hearts of the nation, and now Tillman the Skateboarding Bulldog is hitting the road in search of other Spots with mad skills for the new Animal Planet series Who Let the Dogs Out. Premiering February 18, 2012 the 10-part, half-hour long series will showcase […]

PSA by NFL’s Glenn Dorsey Helps Outdoor Dogs in Winter

NFL Player Glenn Dorsey for PETA

Thermometers may drop as winter’s chill grips the nation, but the spirits of dog devotees have been raised by a heart-warming PSA by a Kansas City Chiefs defensive end who has taken a defensive stance on behalf of dogs who live outdoors. Sharing the spotlight with his canine companion Bugsy, Glenn Dorsey endorses PETA’s newest […]

DOG TALK, Dec. 31, 2011

Tracie Hotchner, author of The Dog Bible: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know and The Cat Bible: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know, wraps up 2011 with a great list of guests on this week’s show. (Busy with New Year’s Eve plans? You can always catch Tracie via podcast). A long conversation with […]

Dog of the Day: Kasino, English Bulldog


My Dog’s Name: Kasino Age of My Dog: 1 year Breed: English Bulldog What I Love About My Dog: She loves to play with me and sleep with me. -contributed by Alexa in Norman, OK

Video Dog of the Day: Berkley, English Bulldog


Please upgrade your browser   My Dog’s Name: Berkley Age of My Dog: 3 years Breed: English Bulldog What I Love About My Dog: He lets me dress him in whatever I want….preferably in between naps please! -contributed by Sarah Richey in Tampa, FL

Dog of the Day: Mochi, English Bulldog


My Dog’s Name: Mochi Age of My Dog: 14 weeks Breed: English Bulldog What I Love About My Dog: He’s the sweetest little butterball of a puppy ever. I love how he spends most of his day–sleeping at my feet. -contributed by AGR in Richmond, VA

Dog of the Day: Ariel, English Bulldog


My Dog’s Name: Ariel Age of My Dog: 7 years Breed: English Bulldog What I Love About My Dog: Ariel has the funniest expressions and makes me laugh every day. I’ve had her since she was six months old. She loves to swim and go on walks. She is so LovaBULL! -contributed by Alexis E. […]

Dog of the Day: Ozzie, English Bulldog


My Dog’s Name: Ozzie Age of My Dog: 7 years Breed: English Bulldog What I Love About My Dog: Ozzie is a big lover. He loves everyone and everything. When meeting new dogs, he goes into a play bow and slowly crawls forward. He loves to pose for the camera! -contributed by Laura in Cleveland, […]

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