Preparing for a Natural Disaster | National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

May is a month of renewal in nature…a time for budding flowers to blossom and the next generation of wildlife to take their first tentative steps out into the world. Along with the beauty, however, the season also brings destruction, with tornadoes, flooding and other severe weather events reminding us of the fragility of our […]

Preparing for a Tropical Storm — Keeping Your Pets Safe

Well, just a few short weeks after the flooding in our area on Memorial Day weekend, we’re once again preparing for flooding rains tonight with the arrival of Tropical Storm Bill. The storm isn’t predicted to be too big in terms of wind damage (although we are under a tornado watch right now) but is […]

Dr. Marty Becker’s Advice on Preparing for a Natural Disaster

June 1 means the official start of hurricane season for the Atlantic Ocean (the Pacific Hurricane season is already underway.) Warmer weather also means an increased chance of tornadoes, floods, and wildfires. Are you — and your pets — ready in case of a natural disaster and emergency evacuation? Today we have a special video […]

Planning for an Emergency With Your Pets

“Better safe than sorry.” Yes, you’ve heard it a million times but, when it comes to the safety of your pets, it’s worth a few minutes spent planning for their safety in the event of an emergency. We just received word that the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) has made available a free […]

Finding Pet Shelter in an Evacuation

Yesterday we covered “Relocating With Your Dog in a Disaster,” part of this week’s series on disaster preparedness for your pets. In that post, we shared some tips from VCA’s Dr. Donna Spector about preparations you can take before a disaster for finding a place that would accept you and your pets should you need […]

Preparing for Severe Weather

Although we live several hours from the Texas coastline, this week we’ve been preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Alex. Hurricanes can spawn tornadoes even this far inland and, for us, flooding is always a concern since this is flash flood country. We have a small creek with a low water crossing to reach our […]

Preparing a Pet Evacuation Kit

On June 1, the Atlantic Hurricane season begins. Are you ready? Even though you may not live on the coast, hurricanes can impact many inland areas and mean evacuation orders for you and your dog. (And, think about it: you could always need to evacuate for other reasons ranging from fires to chemical spills in […]

Evacuation Tip #5

In the last of our series on preparing an evacuation plan for you and your dog, today we look at packing for a possible emergency. Every evacuation plan should involve packing for an emergency and that includes packing for your dog’s comfort and safety, too. What should you pack in case you have to suddenly […]

Evacuation Tip #4

In light of the recent hurricanes, all week we’ve been covering making a dog evacuation plan including making your pet evacuation plan, finding dog-friendly hotels outside your home area in case of an evacuation, and IDing your dog. Today’s tip: make sure you can prove your dog is your dog! In case you and your […]

Evacuation Tip #3

This week we’ve been discussing making your pet evacuation plan and finding dog-friendly hotels outside your home area in case of an evacuation. Today we’d like to offer you a third in our week-long series of emergency evacuation tips: ID Your Pet In an emergency, dogs can become separated from owners. You might find yourself […]