Giveaway: #RedCarpetCat Princess Gracey Hipster


Looking for a small bag that’s perfect to use on your dog walks? One lucky participant will win a Princess Gracey Hipster, a new bag in the line of The Tiniest Tiger products! Like all The Tiniest Tiger products, a portion of all sales goes to help global wildlife conservation efforts! Along with the bag […]

RSVP: #RedCarpetCat Emmy Twitter Party!


Remember all the fun of The Tiniest Tiger’s #RedCarpetCat Twitter party LIVE from Hollywood that we hosted just before the Oscars? Well, we’re going to do it all again for the Emmy awards! On September 19, as part of Event Barkers with All Things Dog Blog, we’re going to be co-hosting another party for The […]

How to Join the #BarktoSchool Party on Sunday Night!


We have over $1,000 in prizes for pet lovers coming up on Sunday night’s #BarktoSchool party, with $276 in the grand prize alone! Here’s a look at the grand prize and all its goodies: The Grand Prize is one of MANY prizes we’ll be giving away throughout the party but there are pre-party giveaways you […]

PreTweet #BarktoSchool Giveaway


The Back to School preparations are kicking into high gear now…and that includes our #BarktoSchool preparations! Earlier this week we announced the RSVP giveaway and today we’re announcing the PreTweet Giveaway! All of these giveaways will feature prizes from each of our sponsors: Walk In Sync, Nature’s Logic, author Peggy Frezon, and Event Barkers! We’re […]

Announcing the #BarktoSchool Twitter Party!


The Back to School anticipation always builds throughout the summer…and it has been just the same around here as we’ve awaited #BarktoSchool! Held on Sunday, August 12 from 8-9:30pm ET, this Twitter party will showcase Back to School fun and fashion for Fidos! As with our other Event Barkers events, we’ll be co-hosting this event […]

Winner: Event Barkers Party Sponsorship!


We’re gearing up for another Event Barkers Twitter party with All Things Dog Blog, this one celebrating Back to School! The #BarktoSchool Twitter party on August 12 will feature back to school fun for dogs and dog lovers…and this party will also feature a blogger who was the winner of a sponsorship at this party! […]

Winner: Event Barkers Quarterly Giveaway!


Have you ever won a prize at an Event Barkers special event? Every quarter, Event Barkers, the joint effort by DogTipper and, draws a winner from all the previous winners who send in a photo with their prize. As we wrap up the second quarter of the year, we have a new winner: Jack […]

Giveaway: Castor & Pollux Food (5 winners!) CLOSED


**This giveaway is closed. Out of 1,324 entries, our five winners are: Johnetta D., Katie M., Kim Mc. S., Theresa S., and Larrielle P. Congratulations!** As one final part of last weekend’s Event Barkers #EBTweets party, we’ve got a special flash giveaway to share! Along with All Things Dog Blog, we’re giving away Castor & […]

Winners: #EBTweets Twitter Party

Last night we had such a great time at our Event Barkers’ #EBTweets Twitter party! Along with Carrie from All Things Dog Blog, we hosted the 90-minute party to celebrate past Event Barkers’ events and to provide a sneak peak at new ones, too! Our past party sponsors were all highlighted during the event; they […]

Giveaway: Gamma2 Pet Food Travel Container!


This morning I posted a photo over on Facebook of a VERY unwelcome visitor I found in the pet food scoop in our kitchen this morning: Definitely NOT what you want to see looking up at you from your pet food container! To keep out creepy crawlies, from scorpions to ants, and to keep your […]