Fido + Fluffy’s #FreebieFriday Plans for Memorial Day Weekend

The unofficial start to summer is now right around the corner. As we stop this weekend to remember the service men and women who have given their lives, I know that Memorial Day also marks the change of seasons. We’re already feeling a change from spring to summer here–in the past 24 hours, we’ve found […]

Fido + Fluffy’s #FreebieFriday Ends a Soggy Week

We’re wrapping up another soggy week here–and Irie has taken to her safe place, tucking her head beneath a couch pillow. She’s spent several nights this week under all the bed covers, only to relocate to the couch pillow during the day. Maybe, maybe the rain and storms will let up this evening… Rainy days […]

Fido + Fluffy’s #FreebieFriday Gets Ready for Summer

Whew…it’s starting to feel a whole lot like summer here! This week we hit a heat index of 97 degrees so I know triple digit temperatures aren’t far behind. Fortunately our spring rains have our creek running so Irie and Tiki are enjoying twice daily swims! It’s time for this week’s Fido + Fluffy’s Freebie […]

Fido + Fluffy’s #FreebieFriday Works on a Pet Kitchen!

We’ve had a fun project underway this week…a pet kitchen! With all the pet food, medications, and products in our house, I’ve been wanting a dedicated space just for the pets…so we’ve taken part of our living room to be the pet kitchen! This fun DIY project is still underway but I’ll be back with […]

Fido + Fluffy’s #FreebieFriday Returns from the Beach!

Hooray…after last week’s weather delay, we were able to make our quick beach getaway this week! We just returned home after three nights in Port Aransas, Texas, definitely one of Irie and Tiki’s favorite getaways. We’ll be back tomorrow with lots of photos from our fun trip but, first, it’s time for this week’s Fido […]

Fido + Fluffy’s #FreebieFriday Postpones a Trip

Well, that was a lot of rain ….with 36 hours of more storms yet to come! #austin #atxfloods A video posted by Paris Permenter (@dogtipper) on Apr 17, 2016 at 2:27pm PDT Well, this week did not go as planned. Our plan was to head to the beach for three days with Irie and Tiki […]

Fido’s + Fluffy’s #FreebieFriday Does Taxes

Whew…this has been the much-dreaded tax week. Things have been a little quieter than usual here on DogTipper this week as we scrambled around and finalized our taxes just days before the deadline. Now, my undergraduate degrees are in Accounting and Economics–so I have no excuse not to keep a better tab on this throughout […]

Fido + Fluffy’s #FreebieFriday Enjoys the Wildflowers

Happy April! We hope your month has been off to a good start. We’ve been enjoying a week of good weather and blooming wildflowers. I always wish this part of spring would last longer–and that the hot weather that I know awaits would hold off for a while! While hot weather may be here within […]

Fido + Fluffy’s #FreebieFriday Stays Busy

We’ve had a difficult week since Linus’ passing on Easter. We’ve been down this road before and know so many of you have recently, too. We’ve tried to stay as busy as possible and to help our pets adjust to the loss of our senior pet, one who has been here since each of our […]

Fido + Fluffy’s #FreebieFriday Hops Toward Easter!

We’re hopping closer and closer to Easter…and with that will come our annual Easter egg hunt with Irie and Tiki! They love hunting down kibble, bits of cheese, and even a boiled egg in the front yard. It’s always so much fun to watch these girls tracking down their goodies in the grass! And, speaking […]

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