Fido + Fluffy’s Freebie Friday Heads to a Nursing Home

As I type this, we’re packing for a quick trip to South Texas with Irie and Tiki along for the ride. Although most of our trips south involve a trip to the beach, this one involves a visit to the nursing home, a first for Irie and Tiki. Four of John’s relatives reside in the […]

Fido + Fluffy’s Freebie Friday Prepares for #NationalIceCreamDay

Sunday marks National Ice Cream Day–and we’re celebrating with a free cookbook of special recipes just for your dog! We’ll be sending out the cookbook link only to newsletter subscribers so please be sure to subscribe before Sunday to get your free cookbook…your dog will be happy that you did! Those hot afternoons make a […]

Fido + Fluffy’s Freebie Friday Shoots Product Photos

This week we’ve been getting up early to shoot lifestyle shots for our PawZaar products. With temperatures hovering around 100 degrees by early afternoon, we’ve had to start extra early. Irie and Tiki get their morning walk, an early breakfast–and then we try to get in an hour of photography before we all melt and […]

Fido + Fluffy’s Freebie Friday Prepares for Fireworks

I have to say we’re approaching one of my least favorite times of the year. Fireworks mean stress in our home–for Irie, with her thunder phobia, and for us, thanks to the dry conditions we usually have this time of year. Fortunately we had some good rains this week so hopefully, hopefully the grass will […]

Fido + Fluffy’s Freebie Friday Welcomes Summer

I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about summer. In some ways, it’s my favorite time of year. I love swimming, I love the long days, I love the lazy feeling of this special time of year. But I don’t love the hotter than hot days. Now that we’re over 100 degrees here, […]

Fido + Fluffy’s Freebie Friday Heads to the Lake!

After a mild spring, summer has arrived in full force! As we hover near 100 degrees, today seemed the perfect time for a little lake visit. Irie and Tiki were super excited to see Lake Travis when we pulled up to the park. They were ready for a cool dip! We hope you’re staying cool […]

Our Feathered Visitor! | Fido + Fluffy’s #FreebieFriday

Yesterday morning, Irie and Tiki were a little lazy getting out of bed–and it’s a good thing they were! In our yard was the largest wild turkey I’ve seen out here, pacing back and forth along the fence. The long-hanging branches were making him hesitant to fly, and he was nervous about leaving the safety […]

Fido + Fluffy’s Freebie Friday Has a Rainy Week

In many places, it may be a matter of “April showers bring May flowers” but in central Texas, May showers bring…well…tolerable June temperatures. Memorial Day weekend is always a time when we keep an eye to the sky, a week when the region has historically undergone everything from major tornadoes to catastrophic floods. Fortunately, this […]

Fido + Fluffy’s Freebie Friday Approaches Memorial Day

As we approach Memorial Day weekend, our thoughts turn to the men and women who lost their lives in the military–as well to those special family members who are no longer with us. We are thinking of Hershey, Yoda and Alby, our previous generation of dogs who now live on in our hearts. Before you […]

Fido + Fluffy’s Freebie Friday Exhibits at #BlogPaws

Although unfortunately we weren’t able to attend this year, some of our PawZaar jewelry has made it to BlogPaws, the annual pet blogging conference held this week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! We’re honored that several of our pieces are on display in the Cat Lounge curated by Hauspanther. If you’re attending BlogPaws this week, […]