Review: Innovet STAT! Syringe

Do you know how to make your dog vomit–and why you may some day need to make him vomit? As with a child, inducing vomiting in your dog is done when your dog ingests something that he really should not have eaten. The list of possible offenders is long: chocolate, macadamia nuts, medications, raisins, chewing […]

Review: Travel-Sized Dr. Emmo’s #Pet1stAid

In 20 years of writing guidebooks and magazine articles that took us everywhere from Egypt to Ecuador, Borneo to Belize, we always had a set packing list for every trip. Although the trip itinerary and weather conditions might vary by destination, we always packed some items on every excursion. These staples remained in our suitcases […]

Keeping Your Dog Safe On Your Hike

Just yesterday, I was talking with one of my neighbors who had just seen a rattlesnake at his house. Living out in the boonies, keeping an eye out for wildlife is a regular part of our daily routine…but it’s also very important even if you’ll just be out for a few hours on a hike […]

Packing for Vacationing with Your Dog

With the start of summer, many dog lovers will be thinking about vacationing with their dogs. Today we received a checklist of pet travel gear from Dr. Donna Spector with VCA Animal Hospitals. Here are 10 must-haves for your vacation: Food and water bowls Portable (collapsible) bowls for day excursions Food in airtight containers—it is […]

Creating a Pet First Aid Kit

As we wrap up September, we’re putting the final days on National Preparedness Month…but we all know that you’ve got to be prepared every day of the year. Getting prepared for your family in the case of a disaster–or an accident–means getting prepared for your dog as well. One part of that preparedness is assembling […]