#SuperDogSunday Spotlight: Arenus

We love natural products that we can give our dogs to tackle everyday problems in a safe manner. Arenus offers several special products created with flower essences including  specialized blends to address specific dog issues: Stress, boredom, trauma, jealously, insecurity, loss of a loved one, and others. We especially wanted to mention a couple of […]

Ask Alecia: My Dog Breaks Out of His Crate!

Dear Alecia, My 100-pound lab has broken out of both crates I have bought for him. I try to make it a happy place for him, and at night while I’m in bed I leave it opened so he can just lay in it and chill out. I don’t lock him in it at night, […]

Ask Alecia: My Dog Is Terrified!

Dear Alecia, My dog is completely terrified of everything and everyone (even afraid of me at times) and rarely listens to me. I would like some help and advice please.–Amber Dear Amber, Poor pup! In a case like this I would recommend Bach Flower Essences as often times a terrified dog has experienced an emotional […]

Review: M&J Dog Essentials Nutrient Fusion & Purely Clean

Products: M&J Dog Essentials Nutrient Fusion pre-bath treatment and Purely Clean shampoo and conditioner What It Is: pre-bath treatment to loosen dirt and conditioning shampoo using flower essences Manufacturer: M&J Dog Essentials LLC, a Chicago-based company; made in USA DogTipper Review: Irie doesn’t care for baths. She doesn’t roll in unseemly things (like Tiki loves […]

Ask the Trainer: My Doxie Acts Submissive

Dear Alecia: I have a doxie that when I call her she lays over and does the submissive thing. It is so much harder to pick her up from this angle without hurting her back. How can I stop her from doing this? Sophie came from a horrendous puppymill – she is your typical stubborn […]