Fostering to Adopt This Holiday

Inspired by the book (and TV movie) A Dog Named Christmas, many shelters offer a special foster program for the Christmas holidays. Foster parents generally pick up a dog or cat a day or two before Christmas and return the pet to the shelter the day after Christmas. (Of course, there’s the hope that you […]

Choosing Alternatives to a Puppy for Christmas

A puppy for Christmas sounds like the stuff of a happy holiday movie…but sadly it’s one that can result in an unwanted dog after a few short months. Puppies as Christmas presents are rarely a good idea because of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the heightened level of excitement in most homes, and […]

Fostering a Cat During the Holidays

The recent Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation A Dog Named Christmas (based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Greg Kincaid) drew a great deal of attention to the possibility of fostering a homeless dog over the holidays. But did you know the national program also includes cats? The new Foster a Lonely […]

Fostering a Dog During the Holidays

Thanks to the best-selling novel by Greg Kincaid and the Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation (premiering November 29 on CBS) by the same name, A Dog Named Christmas hopes to inspire families across the country to foster a pet for the holidays. The novel A Dog Named Christmas tells the story of the McCrays, a […]

Fostering Soldiers’ Dogs

On Veteran’s Day, thoughts across the US turn to our military members, among whose ranks are found many fellow dog lovers. When military personnel are deployed, sometimes suddenly, pets can be left homeless. However, soldiers will find several organizations that can help arrange foster homes for their pets: Guardian Angels for Soldiers’ Pet Guardian Angels […]