5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe During Fireworks #infographic

Well, the calendar may not say July 4th yet, but the fireworks have already started in our area. Last night, just minutes before I took Irie and Tiki out for their evening potty run, up started the fireworks. Needless to say, that bathroom break didn’t occur until the middle of the night… With the Fourth […]

What to Do If You Find a Lost Dog

Just a few weeks ago, John and I were driving back home from a restaurant dinner. About halfway home, we saw a man and woman on the sidewalk, both looking down a busy street and pointing. Before we got any closer, I had already guessed what they were watching: a lost dog. Sure enough, a […]

Is Your Dog Ready for the Fourth of July?

The countdown’s on for the Fourth of July weekend. I have to say that I’m somewhat dreading the long weekend of fireworks. Since the holiday falls on Monday this year, the fireworks will start Friday and just keep on going… Sadly the Fourth of July is one of the most dangerous days for your dog, […]

10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe On the Fourth of July

The countdown is on to the holiday that so many dogs–and dog lovers–dread: the Fourth of July. This day of family fun ends in fireworks in so many locations and results in more pets running away than any other day of the year. Shelters are already bracing for the influx of lost dogs and cats […]

Keeping Your Dog Safe on the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is the time for a great deal of family fun…and fearful Fidos. Fireworks result in more dogs becoming lost than on any other day of the year. We wanted to take a look back at many helpful articles we’re published here on DogTipper to help keep your dog safe on this […]

Preparing for the Fourth of July

The countdown is on for the Fourth of July and all that it includes, from family fun to firework fears. We wanted to share some of our previous Fourth of July articles with everyone and also to pass along some helpful tips from PetSmart to help keep your dog safe during this holiday when many […]

Preparing for the Fourth of July with Canine Calm

The countdown is on to the Fourth of July. While we’re looking forward to a somewhat quieter day, work-wise, we’re not looking forward to Wednesday night. Every July 4th–just like every New Year’s Eve–we know that Irie is going to be stressed by the sound of fireworks. On Wednesday, we’ll be reaching for Canine Calm, […]

Staying Safe on the Fourth of July: A Veterinarian’s Tips

We know that many of you will be heading off to get ready for the Fourth of July soon, a time that, for all its fun, also presents some real risks to our dogs. Between the heat and humidity, fireworks and cookouts, your dog is running a maze of hazards. Today we’ve got some tips […]

Traveling with Your Dog: Dr. Marty Becker Video

As summer beckons dog lovers and their four-legged family members to take to the road, be sure to spend a few minutes planning and packing for your pooch as well. In this video for DogTipper filmed by Dr. Marty Becker, often known as “America’s Veterinarian”and seen regularly on “Good Morning, America” and “The Dr. Oz […]

Keeping Your Dog Safe on July 4th

The Fourth of July is a fun night for humans but a very scary time for pets; during this night so many dogs are frightened and become lost. To help you keep your pets safe over this holiday, we’ve got a special guest post today from animal behavior expert Diane Pomerance PhD, author of Our […]

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