Confections of a Serial Frozen Dessert Killer

Looking for a cool way to treat your dog this summer? Today we have a special guest post from Jody Miller-Young of Bark & Swagger. Are you a stylish dog parent? Jody Miller-Young, pet fashion expert, editor, designer & radio host helps dog lovers live life stylishly! Discover the latest fashions, travel stories, training tips […]

Recipe: Frozen Coconut and Strawberry Swirls

After weeks of below-normal temperatures here, the mercury is starting to creep up…and I’m starting to check out some frozen recipes that I can make for us…AND for our dogs. This is a super easy frozen recipe that creates a healthy frozen treat for you and a frozen dog treat for your four-legged family members! […]

Recipe: Beef Pupsicles

Yesterday we shared a recipe from Just Food For Dogs for Peanut Butter Banana Pupsicles that you can make at home. Today we’ve got another cool frozen treat from this Southern California commercial, human-grade kitchen: beef pupsicles! Print Beef Pupsicles Ingredients 1 cup low-fat plain yogurt 1/2 cup beef broth Just Food For Dogs Beef […]

Recipe: Peanut Butter Banana Pupsicles from Just Food for Dogs

The heat is on…so we thought it would be so fun to feature a doggie recipe to help your dog cool off in these dog days of summer. As you know, dogs primarily regulate their body temperature through panting—a natural activity that removes heat by passing cool air over the moist surfaces of the tongue […]

Recipe: Chicken Liver Sicles!

When you take into account price, preparation time, and popularity factor, I think I might have just stumbled up on the best frozen treat ever. You’ll remember last week I prepared Doggie Chopped Liver using chicken liver. When I boiled the chicken livers, I reserved the broth, froze it in plastic cups and, voila, it […]

Fido’s Faves: LIbby’s Canned Pumpkin

Product or Place I Am Reviewing: LIbby’s Canned Pumpkin My Dog’s Name: Dixie What I Liked About This Product or Place: I love Libby’s canned pumpkin because the ingredient list consists of only one item 🙂 I put pumpkin into a silicone ice cube tray and freeze them, then I plug up the ends of […]

Review: Mr. Barksmith’s Cool Treats and Smoothies Server

Product: Mr. Barksmith’s Cool Treats and Smoothies Server What It Is: all natural frozen dog treats Manufacturer: Mr. Barksmith’s; made in USA. Sold by Puppy Party Place. DogTipper Review: When we were asked by Puppy Party Place about reviewing some of their party supplies for dogs, we knew we wanted to try Mr. Barksmith’s Cool […]

Reader Review: Freezy Pups

You’ll remember a few months ago here on DogTipper we reviewed Freezy Pups, the organic frozen treats from Head of the Pack. Now we have a Reader Review of these frozen goodies to share! Product or Place I Am Reviewing: Freezy Pups Treats My Dogs’ Names: Schooner & Skipper What I Liked About This Product: […]

Freezy Pups Review

Product: Freezy Pups What It Is: organic frozen dog treats you make at home Manufacturer: Head of the Pack (made in USA) DogTipper Review: As we’ve been mentioning the past couple of weeks, we’re on a weight control program with Irie and Tiki right now. (They’ve been a little too devoted to their jobs as […]

Beefsicle Frozen Dog Treat Recipe

This week I had planned to bake some yummy dog treats…and then I saw the forecast: Yesterday we hit 105 degrees so I guess we’re “cooling down”…but at any rate, the oven will not be turned on this week! So I decided it was time for another frozen treat! This one involves a few steps […]