A Fun Evening For a Good Cause at #FueltheLove

If there’s anything more fun than hosting a Twitter party, it’s hosting a Twitter party for a great cause! On Sunday night, we co-hosted the #FueltheLove Twitter party for Zuke’s natural, USA-made treats! Along with To Dog with Love and All Things Dog Blog, we hosted this Event Barkers party that not only showcased Zuke’s […]

Get Ready to #FueltheLove with Sunday 8-9pm ET Twitter Party!

Are you ready to #FueltheLove, enter to win some of the over $750 in prizes, and help raise money for pets undergoing treatment for canine cancer? This Sunday from 8-9pm ET, we’ll be co-hosting the #FueltheLove Twitter party! This Event Barkers party will spotlight the great work that Zuke’s USA-made treats is doing to help […]

#FueltheLove on Your Doggie Day Trips

We love day trips. When time and budget restraints make a lengthy vacation out of reach, a day trip can be just the ticket. Through the years, we’ve made day trips not just an amusement but a profession; our very first book and our longest running book in print, updated now over a dozen times, […]

Help Dogs with Cancer with #FueltheLove Initiative

Cancer treatment is expensive–including those treatments in dogs and cats. It’s wonderful that veterinary medicine has advanced so much these days, offering treatment that, just a few years ago, wasn’t available to pets. But that treatment comes at a price and, all too often, pet parents are forced to make difficult choices. The Dog and […]

A Peek at #FueltheLove Photos

Would you like to see some of the many photos that people have been tagging with #FueltheLove? Here’s a glimpse at some of the many Instagram photos that have been tagged with the #FueltheLove hashtag: Don’t forget: you can tag your pet’s photo with @ZukesPets and #FueltheLove on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Zuke’s will then […]

Let’s Look at the #FueltheLove Prizes!

The countdown is on to our Event Barkers #FueltheLove Twitter party on Sunday, June 22 from 8-9pm ET! We hope you’ve already RSVPd and have entered to win the three pre-party giveaways to win some of the over $750 in Zuke’s treats that we’ll be handing out! (Haven’t entered yet? It’s not too late…hop over […]

GIVEAWAY: Over $750 in Prizes at the #FueltheLove Twitter Party!

It’s time to officially announce the next Event Barkers Twitter party: the #FueltheLove Twitter party on June 22, 2014! Held from 8-9pm ET, the Twitter party for Zuke’s all-natural, made in the USA dog treats will be all about how you can fuel the love for your active dog AND how you can help fuel […]

#FueltheLove Blog Hop Winner

The past month has been a busy one for Event Barkers! In our partnership with AllThingsDogBlog.com in Event Barkers, a social media promotions company for the pet industry, we have been super busy with the #FueltheLove #BarkFriday Twitter Party on Black Friday (which trended for much of the 90-minute event!) and the #FueltheLove Blog Hop […]

Zuke’s #FueltheLove Blog Hop Draws to a Close

We’ve had so much fun coordinating the Zuke’s #FueltheLove Blog hop this past month. A huge round of thanks go to all the bloggers who worked to share word about Zuke’s treats, their Dog and Cat Cancer Fund, their green initiatives and more. Let’s hear a big round of applause for all the #FueltheLove bloggers!!! […]

Looking Back on the Fun of #FueltheLove #BarkFriday – and More Giveaways!

After the fun of Thanksgiving, we kicked off the holiday season with another fun day today thanks to the #FueltheLove #BarkFriday party for Zuke’s treats! Our latest Event Barkers party, co-hosted with AllThingsDogBlog.com with the help of ToDogWithLove.com, was another fast and furious party! The Tweets were flying and, for much of the 90-minute event, […]