Pet Blogger Challenge 2012

Today we’re taking part in the Pet Blogger Challenge, an annual event hosted by Will My Dog Hate Me and We participated in last year’s inaugural Challenge (here’s last year’s post), a chance to look at the progress we’d made and the route we planned to take in the coming year. In these first […]

Portland, Oregon Named Top Pet-Friendly City

Lists, lists, we always love lists! Just last week, came out with their list of the 10 most pet-friendly vacation cities in the US. The factors considered were pet-friendly accommodations, transportation, beaches, park, attractions, stores, dining and more. And the winners were… 1. Portland, Oregon – Home to the famous and dog-friendly Rose Gardens […]

We’re Taking the Pet Blogger Challenge

The new year always means reflecting on the old year and planning for the new year. We’ve been making lots of plans for DogTipper and our other sites these past few weeks. Like other bloggers, we’ve been looking at the time we spend on our sites, what’s working (and what’s not), what’s making money, and, […]

Photographing Your Dog

Wonder how professional dog photographers get those great shots? At BlogPaws West, I had the chance to attend the “(Your Pet) Oughta Be in Pictures” session taught by professional pet photographer and blogger Jessica Bush of DOGingham. The Birmingham, Alabama-based photographer (above, left, with Carrie Johnson Boyko of offered a great session of tips […]

Wordless Wednesday: Panama City Dogs

A few years ago, we traveled to Panama on travel writing assignment. We were writing about a resort deep in the jungle but one day we took a Panama Canal cruise from near the resort all the way to Panama City. The city was busy and bustling so we were ready to head back to […]

Dog Travel Experts Work to “Give Big Dogs a Break”

Living with a 70- and a 55-pound dog, we know all too well that many, many hotels in the US have a weight ban for dog guests. The hotels accept dogs as guests…but only if they fall below the maximum weight, which ranges anywhere from 10 to 40 pounds, depending on the particular hotel. But […]

Facebook Friday, Jan. 8, 2010

It’s time for the first Facebook Friday of 2010! Every week, we look at some of the new favorites of our DogTipper Facebook fan page, ones of interest to dog lovers everywhere. If you’ve missed some previous weeks, be sure to check our Facebook Friday index page…and we’ve missed some of your favorites, please leave […]