Adoptable Dog of the Day: Lola in Colorado


Lola is a senior female Great Dane who is looking for a forever home for her golden years. She is presently under the care of Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue Inc. in Aurora, CO. Lola is showing her age a little bit as she has a sensitive tummy and she also has a touch of […]

Adoptable Dog of the Day: Tyson in Virginia


Tyson is an adult Great Dane (Harlequin) who is in the care of the Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League Inc. in Woodbridge, VA. This super sized boy is also super sweet and affectionate. He loves snuggling with his humans and he gets along well with everyone he meets, including children. He also loves other […]

Dog of the Day: Big Boe Daddy


My Dog’s Name: Big Boe Daddy Age of My Dog: 7 years Breed: Great Dane What I Love About My Dog: He is very smart, loves the camera and raises lot of money for the rescue organizations. He was my most extreme rescue. For rescues only: how I got my dog: I drove to Arkansas […]

Dog of the Day: Duke, Great Dane


My Dog’s Name: Duke Age of My Dog: 14 months Breed: Great Dane What I Love About My Dog: He’s such a loving big puppy and brings happiness to everyone in our family. -contributed by BSANM in Massillon, Ohio Want DogTipper to feature your dog as Dog of the Day? Use our online form to […]

Dog of the Day: Dwight, Great Dane


My Dog’s Name: Dwight Age of My Dog: 20 months Breed: Great Dane What I Love About My Dog: He loves to cuddle and is the sweetest baby ever! -contributed by DR in Grand Island, NE Want DogTipper to feature your dog as Dog of the Day? Use our online form to submit information about […]

Adoptable Dog of the Day: Grace in Alabama


Grace is a 4-year-old Great Dane currently under the care of Great Dane Rescue Inc. of Alabaster, AL. Grace is a special needs dog as she was diagnosed as being cortisole deficient. This means that she needs prednisone administered daily (costing about $15/month) and will need to have blood tests every six months. Grace was […]

Grey’s Anatomy Star Kevin McKidd Helps Homeless Dog


On TV he portrays the Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, and on the set of Access Hollywood Live actor Kevin McKidd, star of the ABC seriesGrey’s Anatomy, knew that a little TLC was just what the doctor ordered for an adoptable dog to enjoy his moment in the spotlight. Following in […]

Adoptable Dog of the Day: Lani in Florida


Lani is a female Great Dane currently being cared for by Central Florida Great Dane Rescue Inc. of Winter Park, Florida. She is four years old and co-exists well with cats and with (some) other dogs. She’s a bit shy of men when meeting them for the first time, but will eventually come around after […]

Ask Alecia: My Great Dane Is Misbehaving!

Dear Alecia, I rescued a female Great Dane who sleeps with me in bed at night.  If I go to bed before my husband, “Dottie” goes beserk.  She barks and I almost think she would bite him if I didn’t hold her back.  She is fine with other males. She also use to ride in […]

Daphne: Great Dane

Lovely Daffy

My Dog’s Name: Daphne Adele You’re My Blue Princess Age of My Dog: 13 months Breed: Great Dane What I Love About My Dog: Daphne is a very loving, smart, funny puppy. She has no idea that she is 33 inches tall at the shoulder, or that she weighs about 135lbs. I think that she […]

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