Why We Always Buckle Up Our Dogs


I recently received an email from one of our community members asking if I thought she needed to secure her dog for short drives around town. She enjoyed taking her dog to run errands including going to the bank drive-in and post office and wondered if we secured our dogs for those kind of trips. […]

How to Put on a Step-In Dog Harness #Kurgo


A few weeks ago, we shared an important infographic with you about how to correctly put on a dog harness. That infographic shows you how to correctly put on the type of harness that we use with Irie and Tiki, like the one you see Tiki wearing above. Many of you, however, also use step-in […]

Putting on a Dog Harness The Right Way!


  As we’ve written about many times in the past and talked about on our DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS radio show, both Irie and Tiki wear Kurgo harnesses. They know when they see the harnesses come out that we’re headed somewhere fun! When we reach the destination, we’re able to use the harnesses and walking harnesses, […]

Training Your Dog with a Harness

Training your dog is one of the most important things you can do to keep your dog happy, healthy and balanced.  While there are many types of trainers out there to choose from, one thing that will benefit any and every dog is using a harness instead of a collar to train them.  Harnesses keep […]

Walking a Pulling Dog


In honor of National Dog Training Month, we’re going to bring you a special week of videos about training your dog. First, we have a video from Alecia Evans, a Colorado trainer you know from our Ask Alecia column. Alecia is the inventor of the Walk In Sync system. In this video, Alecia works with […]

Senior Dog Gifts: Silver Tails Bottoms Up Harness


The Silver Tails Bottoms Up Harness is a thoughtful product for dogs suffering from weak hindquarters. It’s a cleverly designed harness which allows a dog handler to help support the dog’s back end while walking, ascending steps, or entering a vehicle. The adjustable harness strap fits around the dog’s back legs and is then clipped […]

Fido’s Faves: Easy Walk Harness


Product or Place I Am Reviewing: Easy Walk No-Pull Dog Harness My Dog’s Name: Aidan What I Liked About This Product or Place: We love the Easy Walk Harness because it helped discourage our super active dog from always pulling on the leash when taking walks. It protects his neck so that he is not […]

Review: Planet PETCO TempAlert Temperature Detecting Dog Harness


Product: Planet PETCO TempAlert Temperature Detecting Dog Harness What It Is: dog harness with temperature detecting indicator Manufacturer: LuvGear Inc. DogTipper Review: This summer has been synonymous with higher than usual temperatures just about everywhere so we were excited to receive this harness for review. This harness, sold at PETCO, uses TempAlert™ LuvGear™ Technology to […]

Review: Walk In Sync Humane Dog Walking & Training System


Product: Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System What It Is: a harness and leash system with access to training videos designed to easily and humanely train and walk your dog Manufacturer: DogTipper Review: As our regular DogTipper readers know, we live in the country. And that means country distractions: bunnies running […]

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