How Hot Is TOO Hot for Your Dog?

How hot is TOO hot for your dog? With temperatures hovering around 100 degrees here every day into the foreseeable future, we have to schedule our dog fun in the early morning (evening remain too hot) or around the water. The temperatures are too hot for our dogs’ paws and for them to cool themselves […]

Preventing Heatstroke in Dogs

We’ve been lucky so far this spring…although the temperatures are already flirting with the 90s, we haven’t had any hot, hot days. Yet. Living in Texas, hot weather is just a fact of life for at least four months of of the year. We’ll soon be approaching triple digits, and the high temps will remain […]

The Caring Vet: Spring and Summer Safety

In The Caring Vet Column, Dr. Jeff Werber offers some hot tips for keeping your canine cool and comfortable as the weather warms and outdoor activities beckon. Spring is here, and if your weather is anything like mine here in Southern California, you may already be feeling the warmer climate making its move. Warmer weather […]

Keeping Your Dog Safe During a Heat Wave

This weekend, it was 105 degrees here…in the shade. Irie and Tiki camped out on the air-conditioner vents and didn’t even look up when we opened the front door. They had no interest in going out in the heat. They know and important fact: extreme heat is dangerous for dogs as well as for people. […]

Preventing Heatstroke in Dogs

Today it is supposed to be 102 degrees here, not really unusual for us this time of year but, nonetheless, very uncomfortable for us and for our dogs. We know that temperatures have been soaring nearly everywhere, it seems, this summer, so when we received these tips from Dr. Meg Connelly, a South Shore veterinarian […]

Recognizing Heatstroke in Dogs

Today it was 103 degrees here, and Tiki and Irie spent almost the entire day right by the air conditioner vent. When we go out for walks, we head out first thing in the morning and wait until late evening for our second walk. Going out in the daytime heat puts them at risk–not just […]

Keeping Your Pet Safe & Happy This Summer

Summer has already set in here with over 100 degrees forecast for our hometown weekend! Whether your summer is that hot or not, you definitely need to take special precautions during these months to keep your dog healthy and safe. Today we’ve got some special tips in a guest post from Dr. Diane Pomerance. This […]

Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

Last week, we shared a tip from PurinaCare(R) Pet Health Insurance about how to spot heatstroke in your dog–a serious condition your dog can fall victim to in as little as an hour. Even better than recognizing heatstroke, though, is preventing it in the first place. How can you make sure your dog doesn’t get […]

Recognizing Signs of Heatstroke in Your Dog

As we write this on another 100+ degree Texas day, it’s easy to imagine getting overheated with even a brief exposure to the afternoon heat. While we recognize the signs of a human who is undergoing heat exhaustion then heat stroke, do we know the signs of heatstroke in a dog? PurinaCare(R) Pet Health Insurance […]