3 Steps to Help Your Dog #GetHealthyHappy

For the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about the importance of helping your dog live the healthiest, happiest life that he or she can. With Irie’s recent surgery, the past few weeks have been a busy one for us, ensuring that she gets back to the leg strength and lifestyle that she had before […]

Step One to #GetHealthyHappy – A Vet Visit

We recently told you about our cat Coco’s journey to lose weight using a prescription food from Hill’s. We’d tried other weight loss foods in the past and had the same results time after time; Coco hadn’t liked the food so we hadn’t stuck with it. This time was different, though; using Hill’s Meta bolic […]

#GetHealthyHappy in $100 Vet Bill Giveaway!

As you know from our previous posts about Hill’s new prescription diet food, we work hard to keep our pets’ weight at a good level. We’re not always successful–sometimes extra treats creep in or activity levels diminish due to weather or just life getting in the way sometimes. But, on a day by day basis, […]

LIMITED RECALL: Science Diet Adult Small & Toy Breed™ dry dog food

June 3, 2014: Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. of Topeka, KS is voluntarily recalling 62 bags of Science Diet® Adult Small & Toy Breed™ dry dog food as they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. The suspect product, part of a single production run, was distributed to 17 veterinary clinic and pet store customers […]

News from SuperZoo: Hill’s Science Diet

Last week SuperZoo, one of the big pet trade shows, was held in Las Vegas, featuring hundreds of pet companies displaying their line and debuting new products. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to attend because of the cost of airfare but we were able to take part in one press conference via webinar. Hill’s Science Diet […]

$5 Off Science Diet Coupon (Can Be Combined with PetSmart Savings!)

OK, we’ve got a special deal to share with you! We just heard from Hill’s Science Diet that they’re offering an exclusive Memorial Day coupon for $5 off all Science Diet. At the same time, PetSmart is running a special for $5 off the original price of Science Diet cat food and $2 off the […]

Alison Sweeney Talks Dog Weight Loss on Facebook

Fans of Alison Sweeney will have a chance to chat live with “The Biggest Loser” host as she talks about dog weight loss on the Hill’s Science Diet Facebook page. Sweeney will be talking about the pet weight management techniques, exercise and more that she used to get her own dog, Winky, fit. When: Tuesday, […]

Trupanion Now Covers Hill’s Prescription Diet Foods

We’ve just learned that Trupanion™ Pet Insurance is now covering all the Hill’s® Prescription Diet® and Science Diet® Healthy Advantage™ pet foods as part of their insurance coverage! As we’ve written about before, our cat Felix is on Hill’s Prescription Diet food…and our dogs are covered by Trupanion (unfortunately Felix was already up in years […]

Adopting a Shelter Dog: Questions to Ask

As our regular readers know, both of our dogs came from shelters and three of our four cats are from shelters (the fourth, Coco, was found as a stray). With an estimated five to seven million animals in shelters across the US, there is no shortage of great pets looking for a forever home so […]

Alison Sweeney Promotes Pet Weight Loss Pledge

The new year is finally here, and for pet parents who have resolved to help their barking buddies with their battle of the bulge in 2012, Hill’s Science Pet Nutrition has launched the Science Diet Million Pound Pledge to tip the scales in Fido’s favor. Currently celebrating her 10th season of encouraging contestants to strive […]