Holiday Gift Guide: Pet Beds Available at T.J.Maxx

Whether you’re still looking for some gifts for fellow dog (and cat) lovers or you’d like to spend some holiday cash or gift certificates for your own furry family, you’ll find a wide assortment of pet products at T.J.Maxx. This week we’ll be bringing you several of the many pet products available at T.J.Maxx, starting […]

Last Minute Gifts for Dog Lovers

OK, you’ve now waited until the very last minute to buy a Christmas gift for the dog lovers on your list. It’s too late to get anything delivered. What should you do?? Just take a deep breath…we’ve got you covered. Here’s an assortment of super gifts for your fellow Fido fan: Gift Certificate from Art […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Old Mother Hubbard Dog Snacks

The Old Mother Hubbard Baking Company, an 80-year-old company based in Massachusetts, makes a variety of all-natural, oven-baked snacks and treats for dogs. Part of Wellpet LLC, Old Mother Hubbard products are sold by many pet supply retailers all over the U.S. The snacks are divided into two main classifications, Crunchy and Soft; DogTipper recently […]

Holiday Gift Guide: “Wilson Gets Adopted!”

You know how much we love projects that promote adoption (no, Irie and Tiki didn’t make us say that…but they approve!) We recently received a cuter than cute children’s book that promotes not only pet adoption but also healthful living around your dogs. Wilson Gets Adopted tells the story of Wilson, a puppy who lived […]

Holiday Gift Guide:

Our dogs have been “Pillowtized!” Yes, thanks to, a photo of Tiki and Irie now graces a beautiful hand-crafted couch pillow. is an online company which makes two different sizes of custom pillows. Their Full Body pillow ($89.99) measures 42″ x 20″ while the Half Size pillow ($59.99) measures 22″ x 18″.  All […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Dog-On Bag

Whether you’re riding a bike, taking a hike, or shopping with your small dog, it can be nice to have a hands-free way to carry your small dog (or other pet) and keep him safe in a crowd. Like babywearing carriers, the Dog-On Bag™ from Hazel’s Handywork provides a hands-free way to carry your pet […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Leash Locket

[iframe 420 315] OK, as our regular readers already know, we don’t use retractable leashes with our dogs. We like our dogs to walk beside us, not ahead of us, and the trails we walk are just too wooded for a long retractable leash to be practical even if we wanted to use one. […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Petco Holiday Cabin Fever Bow Tie Bear Plush Dog Toy

Both of our dogs love stuffed toys. Tiki likes to nose through the toy box to find her favorite of the moment, then she proceeds to groom the toy, using the small teeth in the front of her mouth to “flea bite” the toy. Irie is somewhat less subtle and often has to be watched […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Super Shuttle Sponsorship Ornament

We all know dog lovers that don’t really want or need anything for the holidays. They’ve got everything they need…but still you’d like to give them something to recognize just how special they are in your life. We found a great gift idea that’s quick, easy, and can make ALL the difference in the life […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Lucky & Chance, PetSmart Luv-A-Pet Collectibles

[iframe 420 315] Do you have children on your shopping list this holiday season? If so, don’t miss the plush toys in PetSmart’s Luv-A-Pet Collectibles line this year. Lucky (a cat) and Chance (a dog) are plush toys that young pet lovers will adore for their cute design and super soft feel. The toys […]