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Win a Simple Solution Puppy Housetraining Kit!

***This giveaway is closed. Congratulations to Melanie H., commenter #12, this week’s winner!*** Whether the holidays brought a new puppy to your house or you’re brushing up on your dog’s housetraining (and cleaning up the occasional accident), here’s a really handy tool to have around the house: the Simple Solution Puppy Housetraining Kit! Simple Solution […]

Tamar Geller: Housetraining and Praise

Today we’re featuring the third and final excerpt from Tamar Geller’s brand-new book: 30 DAYS TO A WELL-MANNERED DOG. (Yesterday’s excerpt covered Housetraining while the first excerpt dealt with Bringing Your New Dog Home.) Remember, tomorrow we’ll be launching a giveaway of 20 copies this new book…stay tuned for all the details! WHY “GOOD BOY,” […]

Tamar Geller: Housetraining Your Dog

Today we’re featuring the second excerpt from Tamar Geller’s brand-new book: 30 DAYS TO A WELL-MANNERED DOG. (Yesterday’s excerpt covered “Bringing Your New Dog Home“.) Starting Wednesday, we’re going to be launching a giveaway of  20 copies this new book by this NY Times bestseller author and dog coach to the stars including Oprah Winfrey, […]

Saving Your Home

Today we’ve got a guest post from our friends over at Charlie, the Surfpet mascot, has some tips about to help answer that cry: “Help! My Dog Is Ruining My Home!” Mom was reading posts on another blog site and found this question about a pup that doesn’t know where to do her “business.” […]

Housetraining: Reader Tips

Housetraining is an important part of raising your dog, ensuring that he can live indoors in harmony with your family. Successful housetraining, like other aspects of dog training, takes time and patience. We’ve got some tips from DogTipper readers about how to housetrain your dog: Be sensitive to her dog needs, specifically to mark her […]

Around the House: Reader Tips

Recently we asked for reader tips on raising your dog–and you responded with some great tips on all aspects of life with your dog. Today we look at some of our favorite tips on life around the house with your dog. Begin early to teach your dog to eat only from his dish. More dogs […]

Housetraining Your Puppy

Housetraining a puppy requires patience and an eye on the clock. Just like a small child, a puppy has a small bladder so he’ll need to make bathroom breaks fairly often. Plan to take him out: after every meal after every drink of water after every nap after playing Also, if he goes a couple […]