Is It Safe For Your Dog to Eat Ice? Does Ice Cause Bloat?

There’s a rumor going around Facebook (one that’s cropped up numerous times over the past few years) that it’s not safe for your dog to eat ice or to drink ice water. This came to my attention when I looked at our DogTipper logs that show us where traffic is coming from and which articles […]

National Keep Pets Safe in Winter Day, Dec. 22

We are eagerly (really, really eagerly) awaiting cold weather here but know that winter can be a hazardous time for many locations…for both two- and four-legged residents. We’d like to help spread the word about the “National Keep Pets Safe in Winter Day” scheduled for the first day of winter, December 22. This public service […]

Ask Dr. Audrey: Does Ice Cause Bloat?

Our 10-year-old chow mix loves eating ice but someone told me that it can cause bloat. Is this true? There have been rumors that ice and ice water causes a spasm of the stomach muscle in dogs, leading to a a swollen stomach, and potentially fatal bloat. These rumors are not true, for a couple […]