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As our regular readers know, our Irie is a fearful dog. Thunder, fireworks, gunshots, and strangers make her anxious. Although she’s far less fearful than she was in the past, we know that it’s always important to calm her fears before she works herself into a higher state of anxiety. Now K-10+ has a new […]

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May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, a time to focus attention on a devastating illness that is the leading disease-killer of dogs. Although the awareness month lasts only 31 days, it’s an effort that deserves our attention year around as pet lovers learn more about prevention, early detection, and treatment options. Recently The Journal for […]

#SuperDogPics Preview: K-10+ Nutritional Supplements for Dogs

Product: K-10+™ Nutritional Supplements What it is: Water soluble dietary supplements for dogs Manufacturer: K-10+, Chesapeake Beach, Maryland (Made in USA) DogTipper Review: K-10+™ offers a variety of nutritional supplements, all designed to augment a dog’s normal diet and ensure that he gets all the vitamins and other nutrients he needs for optimum health. There […]