Katherine Heigl Promotes Pet Products That Help Shelter Animals

Braving the cold for a paws cause, A-list animal advocate Katherine Heigl warmed the hearts of her doggedly devoted fans by visiting the New York City set of Good Morning America to discuss The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation’s recently launched line of Just One pet products. The actress, who has signed up to star in […]

Katherine Heigl’s Just One Pet Product Line Helps Shelter Animals

Her days as Dr. Izzie Stevens on the ABC series Grey’s Anatomy may be over, but actress Katherine Heigl continues to save lives through her real life role as an animal advocate. A co-founder of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, the Emmy Award-winning star has won the hearts of dog devotees by launching Just1pet.com, a […]

Alexandra Paul Shines Spotlight on ‘Shelter Me’

She portrayed a lifeguard in the TV classic Baywatch, and although the series is now a part of pop culture’s past actress Alexandra Paul continues to save lives through her real life role as an advocate for animal rights. A strong supporter of such organizations as Last Chance for Animals and Best Friends Animal Society, […]

Katherine Heigl Hosts “Shelter Me”

Actress Katherine Heigl, who will soon share the big screen with Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton in the upcoming comedy The Wedding, recently stepped in front of the camera in her real life role as an animal advocate for the upcoming PBS special Shelter Me. “As a huge animal lover, I was immediately drawn […]

Rachael Ray Donates to Katherine Heigl’s Foundation

When it comes to helping pets in peril, animal-loving celebrity chef Rachael Ray knows that money is one of the main ingredients to a rescue organization’s success, so on the January 27, 2012 edition of The Rachael Ray Show the famous foodie announced that she is dishing out a heaping helping of funds in support […]

Dog Plays Pool for Katherine Heigl’s Foundation (video)

Fans of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno may have tuned in on December 6, 2011 to see Katherine Heigl chat with the talk show host, but its the talent of a little tail-wagging fan of the animal-loving A-lister that had tongues wagging when the episode aired. While promoting her foundation’s new I Hate Balls […]

Katherine Heigl Films Spay, Neuter Campaign PSA

When it comes to broaching serious subject matter laughter can be just what the doctor ordered, so to show her support for controlling the pet population former Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl stepped in front of the camera to reveal the “real” reason behind her staunch spay/neuter stance– her aversion to a certain part of […]

Katherine Heigl’s Foundation Launches Pets to Patriots Program (video)

In gratitude to those who have defended our precious gift of freedom, The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation is offering veterans the gift of furry friendship through the Pets to Patriots program. Launched November 4, 2011 at the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, California, actress Katherine Heigl— along with her sister Meg and mother, […]

Katherine Heigl Adopts Two Rescue Puppies

After the loss of a cherished canine family member, many dog devotees find that the best way to honor the life of a late four-legged friend is to offer a new start in life to an orphaned animal. In remembrance of her beloved rescue Rover Mojo, who crossed Rainbow Bridge in October, actress Katherine Heigl […]

Katherine Heigl Mourns Dog’s Passing

“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” The familiar quote from author Agnes Sligh Turnbull is a sentiment felt by all friends of Fidos, including A-list animal lover Katherine Heigl, who announced earlier this month that her beloved barking buddy Mojo had crossed Rainbow Bridge. The rescue Rover, who came into the star’s […]