Review: Mimi Green Oilcloth Collar & Leash

Product: Mimi Green Dog Oilcloth Collar and Leash What It Is: stylish dog collars made with stain resistant oilcloth Manufacturer: Mimi Green, a company based in New Mexico, USA DogTipper Review: As we’ve written about before, we love to dress our dogs Irie and Tiki in stylish collars (because they’re not about to let us […]

Review: Wacky Walk’r

Product: Wacky Walk’r Leashes and Couplers What It Is: Tubular rubber leash system designed to relieve kinetic stress on the animal and the walker Manufacturer: Wacky Walk’r in Hatfield, Pennsylvania DogTipper Review: Along with all the other benefits, walking our dogs twice a day is great exercise for Irie and Tiki and for us as […]

Review: Walk In Sync Humane Dog Walking & Training System

Product: Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System What It Is: a harness and leash system with access to training videos designed to easily and humanely train and walk your dog Manufacturer: DogTipper Review: As our regular DogTipper readers know, we live in the country. And that means country distractions: bunnies running […]

Pure Mutt Apparel Review

Product: Pure Mutt Apparel What It Is: Products promoting mixed breed and shelter dogs Manufacturer: Pure Mutt, Inc., Florida DogTipper Review: Faithful DogTipper readers know that we are big fans of  mixed breed dogs. Both Irie and Tiki have very mixed backgrounds; we know this because we had them DNA tested and they proved to […]

Win a Rascodog ReadyLeash!

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to commenter #3, Amy, who was selected at random by It’s time for a new giveaway! This week we’re giving away a  ReadyLeash from RascoDog! This product, supplied by RascoDog, was reviewed by DogTipper and it’s especially notable not only for its comfort-grip handle but for its built-in […]

Stopping Leash Pulling

Leash pulling is one of the most common problems on dog walks. If your dog isn’t trained to walk calmly on leash, he can pull (choking himself on his collar and even causing throat damage). Along with safety problems for your dog, a walk that’s spent like a tug of war contest is tiring for […]

What’s New: Power Leash

What’s New: Power Leash™ What It Is: weighted exercise system so you can combine your workout and your dog walking Manufacturer: AbsolutelyNew, a San Francisco-based consumer goods company that partners with inventors to launch products. Invented P. and N. Benson. In Their Words: Power Leash™ marries the retractable leash with balanced hand weights for working […]

Selecting Organic Dog Collars and Leashes

Are you looking for a new leash, collar, or harness for your dog? You’ll find plenty of options–but many aren’t very eco-friendly. Many of the options are taxing on the environment. Nylon is often made from petrochemicals. Leather is not animal friendly, and the chemicals used to process and dye it can be toxic. Metal […]

Corral Your Leashes

Do your leashes get tangled? We have leashes, Martingale collars, a pinch collar, a harness, and more, all for different situations. They were a jumbled mess–but no more. Purchase (or reuse) a simple flatware sorter; instead of spoons and forks, you can sort each leash in a different slot. They stay tangle free and easy […]