Review: Yogapet Memory Foam Pet Bed

In cold weather, certain moves leave my knee feeling out of sorts, the result of a cracked kneecap years ago, after a fall on the floor of the Bangkok police station (following the sinking of our boat and the loss of our passports. Not the best of travel memories…) That aching knee means that I’m […]

2012 Gift Guide: K-9 Ballistics Dog Beds at

K-9 Ballistics Chew-Resistant Dog Beds at Do you have a dog who loves to chew everything…including his own bed? On, you’ll find a whole line of chew-resistant dog beds made by K-9 Ballistics. Described as “gear that’s built to last,” the beds in the Tuff Bed Series are made with military grade ballistic […]

Review: Ortho-BLISS Memory Foam Bed from

Our pets spend a lot of time sleeping. I know that our cats spend a little more of their day snoozing but, let’s face it, the dogs give them a run for their money. Both Irie and Tiki are expert nappers. They’ve proven they can sleep anywhere but both of them enjoy having their own […]