Renaming Your New Dog: 2 Easy Tricks!

Should you rename your newly-adopted dog if you don’t like his or her name? Let’s face it: some names just don’t roll off our tongues with ease. Other names bring up unpleasant memories of previous connections. And some names just don’t seem a good fit for your newest family member. In all our years of […]

Top Dog Names of 2016

Can you believe that 2016 is almost over? Where did the time go? As the year comes to a close, My Dog’s Name, an interactive resource for finding the right dog name, has compiled the top dog names of 2016 into a fun infographic. The list is based on the selections of the 3.2 million […]

Looking for a Valentine Dog Name?

As you know, before we were pet writers, John and I were travel writers with a specialty in romantic travel. We wrote several book specifically on romantic getaways and destination weddings (and even had several destination wedding vow renewals ourselves in both Jamaica and Las Vegas!) Valentine’s Day was always a very busy time of […]

8 Tips for Finding the Perfect Dog Name

One of the most exciting parts of preparing for your new dog is picking the perfect name. With so many options out there, however, it can get a little overwhelming. Here are 8 tips to help you with the process: Listen to names around you Keep an ear out for interesting names everywhere you are. […]

Infographic: Dog Names

I think one of my favorite dog-related topics is the subject of choosing a dog’s name. Just like a person’s name, it’s a tough decision, one that can rely on so many factors from personality to appearance. As far as our dogs, Tiki just, well, seemed like a Tiki. Irie’s name, a Jamaican patois word, […]

petMD Names Top 10 Puppy Names

We love top 10 lists and, if that list features something dog-related, it just can’t get much better…unless it’s puppy-related! In honor of National Puppy Day, petMD named the top 10 puppy names selected by their readers, five for boys and five for girls: Boy Puppy Names Ace – Ace is a human moniker commonly […]

Top 50 Dog Names of 2011

We love lists…and we love dog names…so bring the two together in one and we just can’t resist going through it line by line. Banfield Pet Hospital has compiled the top pet names of 2011; as the world’s largest veterinary practice, they’ve got lots of data thanks to a patient database with over 780 hospitals […]

VPI Releases List of Most Unusual Dog Names

As the pet parents of a dog named “Irie” (a Jamaican patois word that means “all’s well”), we love unusual dog names. But we just thought Irie was an unusual dog name. Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI) has just released its list of the 10 most unusual dog names in its files. Some are real […]

VPI Tallies Irish Drink-Inspired Pet Names

We all have different ways of naming our pets…and some of us seem to opt for Irish drink names. We just received a press release from Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI) in honor of St. Patrick’s Day that looks at their database of 480,000 insured pets. They’ve tallied  how many have been named after their […]

Choosing Your Dog’s Nickname

Do you have a nickname for your dog? (Maybe we should ask “how many nicknames do you have for your dog?”) For our recent My Dog’s Nickname contest, we asked’s readers about the nicknames they’d given their dogs…and the results were amazing. With over 1,000 entries, we saw nicknames of every type but it […]