Keeping Your Dog Safe On Your Hike

Just yesterday, I was talking with one of my neighbors who had just seen a rattlesnake at his house. Living out in the boonies, keeping an eye out for wildlife is a regular part of our daily routine…but it’s also very important even if you’ll just be out for a few hours on a hike […]

Including Your Dog in Your Wedding

Did you include your dog in your wedding day? According to John D’Ariano, President of NAPPS, the only national nonprofit trade association of professional pet sitters, “It’s becoming more common for couples to customize their wedding parties to include family, friends, and furry companions.” NAAPS has these tips for brides considering including their dog in […]

Finding a Responsible Pet Sitter

Spring and summer are just around the corner and with that comes the height of the travel season. Since often your pets can’t accompany you on your travels, it’s important to make those arrangements in advance to get the best arrangement for your pet so your pet will be safe and happy and, at the […]

Planning for an Emergency With Your Pets

“Better safe than sorry.” Yes, you’ve heard it a million times but, when it comes to the safety of your pets, it’s worth a few minutes spent planning for their safety in the event of an emergency. We just received word that the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) has made available a free […]