Rachael Ray Rescue Brigade Helps Shelter Dogs Become Search Dogs

Although this is not a sponsored post, we are proud that Nutrish is a DogTipper sponsor. As always, we share news that we know you’ll enjoy! A celebrity cook with a hunger to help homeless companion animals, Rachael Ray has teamed up with The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation to launch The Rachael Ray Rescue […]

National Disaster Search Dog Foundation Launches Jack-O-Lantern Contest

Halloween is such a fun time, not only for the change in the seasons but for all the fun contests it seems to inspire! We’ve seen many creative photo contests but we just learned of one that we think will really catch the attention of dog lovers: The SDF Search Dog Jack-o-Lantern Contest. The Nutro […]

When Rescue Dogs Become Rescuers

We love hearing stories of dogs rescued from shelters going on to live wonderful lives…but perhaps no “second chance” is as touching as the story of rescue dogs that are taken from shelters to go on to become rescuers themselves. The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF), a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that locates rescue dogs […]

Nutro Sponsors National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

We remember clearly watching the television coverage of earthquake disasters in both Haiti and Japan…and watching the amazing work of the canine disaster search teams as they searched the rubble for survivors. The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF) does amazing work, sending teams of professionally trained dogs to help in times of disaster. But […]

Video Dog of the Day: Search Dogs, The Unsung Heroes of 9/11

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/NHRpE8gP30U 588 300]     Remembering their service and their sacrifice… -video from FOX 11 News

Facebook Friday: Jan. 22, 2010

As we continue to follow the tragedy in Haiti, in this week’s Facebook Friday we wanted to highlight two organizations there now, one whose dogs (former rescues themselves) work to find survivors and the other moving into place to assist the animals of Haiti, both pets and livestock. We also have highlighted two unique rescue […]

Dogs Deploy to Haiti

With eyes across the world turned to the disaster in Haiti, we wanted to pass along this news we just received about canine search teams on the way to help in the search efforts. These dogs–rescue dogs that have been saved from euthanasia and trained to work with firefighters–remind us once again that, even with […]