Review: Terra Paws

Product: Terra Paws What It Is: all-natural, freeze-fried treats for dogs (and cats) Manufacturer: Terra Paws, a Florida-based company (Made in USA) DogTipper Review: We’re always on the lookout for healthy treats to review with our dogs and when those treats are freeze-dried and easy to transport, we really sit up and look. Terra Paws […]

Review: Holistix from Holistic Select

Product: Holistix What It Is: Healthy dog snack biscuits Manufacturer: Holistic Select (WellPet LLC, Tewksbury, MA); made in USA DogTipper Review: These treats are part of an extensive Holistic Select product line which includes wet and dry dog food and dog snacks, along with a parallel line for cats. The products are based on a […]

Storing Natural Dry Dog Foods

Do you sometimes purchase large sacks of dog food for convenience or when they’re on sale? A large sack of dog food may last many weeks before your dog is finished with it…but how should you store it in the meantime? And if you’ve purchased natural dog food, does that make a difference? Recently we […]

Review: Pecks dog treats from The Honest Kitchen

Product: Pecks™ What It Is: Bite-sized buffalo and blueberry dog treats Manufacturer: The Honest Kitchen; made in USA DogTipper Review: Last week we reviewed The Honest Kitchen dehydrated dog foods, made from raw, whole foods. This company also dog treats; like their meals, the treats from The Honest Kitchen are made using human grade ingredients. […]

Review: Bocce’s Bakery

Product: Bocce’s Bakery dog treats What It Is: all-natural, organic dog biscuits Manufacturer: Bocce’s Bakery in New York City DogTipper Review: We love giving our dogs treats but we’re always on the lookout for natural and organic treats. When we can, we like to make our own treats but the last few months have been […]

Review: Kona’s Chips

Product: Kona’s Chips What It Is: healthy treats made in the USA from 100 percent USDA-inspected chicken, turkey, or beef Manufacturer: Kona’s Chips™, a company based in California DogTipper Review: In 2007, after Kona, a six-month-old Pomeranian, became ill after eating dehydrated chicken chips from China, his family set about creating a company to produce […]

Natural Bark Dog Biscuits Review

Product: Natural Bark Dog Biscuits What It Is: healthy dog treats Manufacturer: Natural Bark, LLC, Dover, New Hampshire DogTipper Review: We’re always on the lookout for healthy treats for Irie and Tiki so Natural Bark with their tagline “The Right Way to Treat Your Dog” really caught our eye. These treats, made in New Hampshire, […]

Freezy Pups Review

Product: Freezy Pups What It Is: organic frozen dog treats you make at home Manufacturer: Head of the Pack (made in USA) DogTipper Review: As we’ve been mentioning the past couple of weeks, we’re on a weight control program with Irie and Tiki right now. (They’ve been a little too devoted to their jobs as […]

Newman’s Own Organics New Zealand Dog Treats Review

Product: Newman’s Own Organics New Zealand Ranch Style Dog Treats What it is: Premium organic dog treats Manufacturer: Newman’s Own Organics, Inc. DogTipper Review: Newman’s Own Organics: The Second Generation, based in California, recently expanded its pet food line with the addition of “ranch style” dog treats containing New Zealand organic lamb or organic beef. […]

Review of Onesta Organics Dog Treats

Product: Onesta Organics organic treats What It Is: organic and natural treats for dogs Manufacturer: Onesta Organics (California) DogTipper Review: We love giving our dogs treats and chews but we’re picky about what we give our dogs. After carefully monitoring their diet (we feed them half premium dog food and half homemade food), we want […]