Thanks for a Great #OrganicPet Party!

Wow, what a night! Last night we wrapped up another great Event Barkers Twitter party, spotlighting Castor & Pollux‘s natural foods, treats, and supplements. The Tweets were flying with your great questions about organic food for your dog, and Castor & Pollux experts were answering to help us all learn more about what makes organic […]

Review: Natural Ultramix Dietary Supplement #OrganicPet

As you know, on Sunday we’re co-hosting the #OrganicPet Twitter party where we’ll be giving away over $700 in Castor & Pollux products…including the Natural Ultramix Dietary Supplement for Dogs and Cats. Like us, you probably think of supplements in the form of pills and powders…but this supplement is an easy-to-serve puree available in Sweet […]

Fido’s Freebie Friday Prepares for #OrganicPet

The countdown is on for our next Event Barkers party: #OrganicPet on Sunday, May 4 from 8-9pm ET! As with all our parties, expect the Tweets and the prizes to be flying! This party is sponsored by Castor & Pollux and will feature experts providing info on organic pet food…and we’ll be handing out over […]

Counting Down to #OrganicPet

Party time is fast approaching! We hope you have May 4, 8-9pm ET on your calendar for the next Event Barkers Twitter Party: #OrganicPet with Castor & Pollux! Be sure you’ve RSVPd and entered the pre-party giveaways over on our announcement post. As you know, our Event Barkers parties move QUICKLY with Tweets flying (so […]

Review: ORGANIX Jerky Chip Cookies #OrganicPet

OK, we know that the mention of jerky and dog treats in the same sentence makes many of us nervous. After some frightening stories, many of us have steered clear of jerky–but now there’s a high-quality, all-natural, made in the USA product that promises to fetch a lot of positive attention from pet parents. ORGANIX […]

Fetch Some #OrganicPet Prizes!

Earlier this week, we told you about the upcoming #OrganicPet Twitter party, coming up on May 4 from 8-9pm ET! This Event Barkers Twitter party, sponsored by Castor & Pollux, will feature lots of information on organic living with your dog–and lots of party giveaways as well! In both pre-party giveaways and frequent giveaways through […]

RSVP for the #OrganicPet Twitter Party!

It’s time for another Event Barkers Twitter Party! We’re so excited to announce another of our Event Barkers Twitter parties. Along with All Things Dog Blog, we’re joined by To Dog With Love in hosting this super fun party on May 4, 8-9pm ET. The #OrganicPet Twitter party will feature organic food and treats from […]

Save the Date for the #OrganicPet Twitter Party!

It’s almost party time…get out your calendar! We’ve got a new Event Barkers party to announce! Mark your calendars for May 4 from 8-9pm ET! You’ll have to wait until next week for the sponsor but the party will be called #OrganicPet. Like all Event Barkers parties, #OrganicPet promises to be a fast-paced event filled […]