Infographic: Summer Dangers to Your Dog’s Paws

You know what’s it’s like to step out on a hot sidewalk barefoot…that “ouch, ouch, ouch” moment that finds you skipping across the sidewalk as quickly as you can. Well, that summer sidewalk is just as toasty to our dog’s toes! Today we look at some summer dangers to your dog’s paws in this easy […]

Protecting Your Dog’s Paw Pads During the Summer

Summer is a fun, carefree time…but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t dangers out there for your dog. Today we want to specifically talk about your dog’s paws and summer. While we often think of winter hazards to our dog’s paw pads, like ice and deicing chemicals, summer is a time of paw problems as […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Posh Paws at Petco

OK, I am going to admit right up front that I’ve never polished our dogs’ nails. I’m doing good to get polish on my own nails (and, as you’ll see from the photo below, I don’t usually don’t get around to wearing any polish at all.) But we all like a good mani and pedi […]

Protecting Your Dog’s Paws During the Summer

Summer temperatures mean hot pavement–something that’s just as troublesome to your dog’s paws as it is to your own bare feet. Here in Texas (see our video below), the asphalt is literally hot enough to fry an egg on many summer afternoons. To decide if the pavement is safe for your dog to walk on,  […]

Sweet Pea’s Paws

Product: Sweet Pea’s Paws What It Is: organic paw pad sprays Manufacturer: Arizona-based Natural Paws, LLC DogTipper Review: Recently we had the opportunity to receive a review set of Sweet Pea’s paw spritzes. The set of three sprays arrived in the cutest little paw-printed bag, complete with its own little dog tag: The set contained […]