What’s Trending: Best-selling Pet Carriers

We all love lists…so we’ve decided to start a brand-new feature here on DogTipper: a weekly list of what’s hot for dogs! This week we take a look at the top 10 best-selling dog carriers on Amazon.com: 1. Bergan Comfort Carrier Soft-Sided Pet Carrier, Large, Black 2. Sherpa 11721 Delta Deluxe Pet Carrier Medium Black […]

Review: Sherpa Ultimate Pet Carrier

As we’ve written about before, before we started DogTipper we were full-time travel writers. We specialized in guidebook writing so that meant being on the move a lot, often living out of our suitcases since we didn’t have time to unpack at each one-night research stop. When we weren’t living out of the luggage, we […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Dog-On Bag

Whether you’re riding a bike, taking a hike, or shopping with your small dog, it can be nice to have a hands-free way to carry your small dog (or other pet) and keep him safe in a crowd. Like babywearing carriers, the Dog-On Bag™ from Hazel’s Handywork provides a hands-free way to carry your pet […]

Mommy Bus Giveaway Announced

Recently we reviewed The Mommy Bus, a stylish pet carrier for dogs, cats, and other small pets under 15 pounds. We ran a giveaway of this popular bag but know many other readers were interested in this bag so we wanted to pass along news of a giveaway of 12 Mommy Bus bags! The Daily […]

The Mommy Bus Pet Carrier Review

Product: The Mommy Bus What It Is: stylish pet carrier for dogs and cats under 15 pounds DogTipper Review: Sure there are a lot of pet carriers for small dogs and cats…but why have a boring carrier when you could carry The Mommy Bus? This stylish carrier, designed for pets under 15 pounds, resembles a […]