Seeing Eye Guide Dog Anniversary Celebrated January 29th

He may have been blinded by childhood accidents, but Morris Frank nevertheless possessed an inner vision to help the sight impaired through the vital work of guide dogs. Mr. Frank’s foresight into a better tomorrow is celebrated each year on January 29th– the anniversary of the world’s oldest existing guide dog school, The Seeing Eye. […]

8 Reasons to Walk Your Dog!

As we take our first tentative steps into the new year, many of us may already find ourselves struggling with our resolution to exercise more. One way to go that extra mile in order to keep your commitment to keep fit is to enjoy a daily dog walk (or two!) January is National Walk Your […]

National Pet Travel Safety Day – Jan. 2nd

As the start of a new year is the traditional time to make resolutions, January 2nd has been deemed National Pet Travel Safety Day— a day created by celebrity pet and family lifestyle expert Colleen Paige in order to heightened awareness of our tail-wagging chum’s traveling needs. If you are a pet parent for whom […]

World Rabies Day: September 28

Each year approximately 59,000 people in developing countries lose their lives to rabies contracted by canines– that’s 160 people every day, many of them children. ¬†Our four-legged friends are also victims, with 20,000,000 culled each year out of fear of the transmission of a viral¬†disease which can easily be prevented through vaccination. To turn the […]

Remember Me Thursday Pays Tribute to Homeless Pets #RememberMeThursday

“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” On Remember Me Thursday, animal lovers around the globe take the words of this popular quote to heart, serving as a beacon to light the way for a better tomorrow for homeless dogs and cats. Launched by the Helen Woodward Animal Center in 2013, […]

Give a Dog a Bone Week Helps Dogs of the Homeless

Author Christian Morgenstern once wrote that “Home is not where you live but where they understand you.” For many without the security of a permanent place to call their own, a home is found in the understanding heart of a loyal canine companion. A person living on the streets often encounters the judgmental gaze of […]

National Pet Fire Safety Day

Each year the lives of approximately half a million companion animals are affected by fire in their home, with close to 1,000 of those incidents accidentally caused by a dog or cat. To extinguish the concerns of pet parents, the American Kennel Club and ADT Security have teamed up to tackle this hot topic by […]

ID Your Pet Day is July 1

The fourth of July holiday is just around the corner, and while people look forward to Independence Day as a time filled with family-oriented fun and fireworks, for our four-legged friends the fourth is faced by fear. Frantically searching for safety from the sights and sounds of popping pyrotechnics, more dogs and cats find themselves […]

Lisa Vanderpump Works to #StopYulinForever

Reality TV star Lisa Vanderpump was joined by L.A. animal lovers and famous friends of Fidos at West Hollywood Park on May 22nd to mark World Dog Day. A pet holiday founded by The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, World Dog Day was held both in honor of the joy that our four-legged fiends […]

Kristen Renton Promotes Dog Therapy Appreciation Day

Actress Kristen Renton, who has starred in the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives and the FX drama series Sons of Anarchy, recently helped to shine a spotlight on the achievements of dogs who act as emotional supper for those in need at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The TV star was among the group […]