Celebrate National Take a Hike Day with Your Dog

The holidays are just around the corner, and if you would like to get one step ahead of your 2018 New Year’s resolution to get fit, National Take A Hike Day is the perfect time to start. Although sticking to strolling after the health-themed holiday has passed may be difficult, one way you can take […]

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

November is traditionally a time to give thanks, and we as dog lovers and fans of felines can show how thankful we are for the efforts of those who care for our homeless four-legged friends during National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. Established by The Humane Society of the United States, the pet holiday is celebrated […]

National Mutt Day: July 31 & December 2

Did you know that National Mutt Day — recognizing the joy of mixed breed dogs — is celebrated not once but twice a year? It’s been said that every dog has his day, but one-of-a-kind canines with intriguing ancestries have TWO days dedicated to celebrating their diverse DNA. Observed both on July 31st and December […]

PetSmart Invites Dogs to Celebrate #NationalIceCreamDay

In celebration of the upcoming National Ice Cream Day, PetSmart is inviting dogs to lick the heat with a sweet summertime treat on July 12th, when a PetSmart-sponsored truck rolls into New York City, Dallas, Seattle and Toronto for free pop-up ice cream socials! Dogs can enjoy a taste of the good life as they nibble on Doggie Ice Cream Sundaes topped with […]

Social Paws Campaign Promotes Pet Adoption on #NationalBestFriendsDay

June 8 is National Best Friends Day, and if your BFF happens to bark there’s no better way to celebrate that bond than to help dogs without pet parents find their perfect human pal. Each year an estimated 7.6 million companion animals– 3.9 million of man’s best friend and 3.4 million of our feline best […]

Preparing for a Natural Disaster | National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

May is a month of renewal in nature…a time for budding flowers to blossom and the next generation of wildlife to take their first tentative steps out into the world. Along with the beauty, however, the season also brings destruction, with tornadoes, flooding and other severe weather events reminding us of the fragility of our […]

National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day April 30

A day to shine a spotlight on the estimated 3.3 million dogs and 3.2 million cats who find themselves in the U.S. shelter system each year, April 30th has been declared National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. Many shelters are marking the pet holiday with lowered adoption fees, so if you are pondering the possibility […]

April is National Adopt-a-Greyhound Month

April is National Adopt-a-Greyhound Month— a time to appreciate the beauty of a breed of dog that can sprint at a speed of 45 miles per hour…and race right into the heart of a potential pet parent. Worshipped as a god by the ancient Egyptians, the Greyhound is revered by dog lovers today for their […]

April is National Heartworm Awareness Month

April is National Heartworm Awareness Month, and, by protecting our dogs, we as pet parents can also protect ourselves from the heartache that can come from the loss of a canine companion or the expensive and difficult treatment due to this preventable health issue. Established in 1974, the American Heartworm Society strives to stop the […]

#GetTough on National Dog Fighting Awareness Day | #Giveaway

The star of the iconic sci-fi series Star Trek: The Next Generation is urging this generation to engage in the struggle to end dog fighting by taking part in the ASPCA’s annual National Dog Fighting Awareness Day campaign, which takes place on April 8th. An English actor known by TV viewers as Captain Jen-Luc Picard […]