Getting a Puppy? Why You Need Pet Insurance

This post is brought to you by Pets Best. As always, we only publish posts that we believe you’ll enjoy, and all thoughts and opinions are strictly our own. Although puppies should never be a surprise gift, many families who are experiencing a quiet holiday at home opt to adopt this time of year. While […]

Recognizing Pedigree Health Problems

As our regular readers know, both Irie and Tiki are mixed breed dogs. They are mixes of mixes, each with over four breeds in their makeup. (Tiki is Doberman, Poodle, Shetland sheepdog, and Bulldog…and more breeds to faint to be identified in a DNA test! Irie is Coonhound, Lab, and German Shorthaired Pointer.) Besides curiosity […]

Should You Buy Pet Insurance?

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked–both as the publishers of DogTipper and as pet parents–is “should I buy pet insurance?” In today’s tough economic times, it’s a big decision for dog lovers and one that everyone has to make for themselves. In our opinion: yes, we think pet insurance is a good idea. […]

Update on Our First Pet Insurance Claim

A few weeks ago, you’ll remember that Tiki came down with a very high (104.8 degree) fever and spent two days on an IV. Her illness meant that we made our first pet insurance claim and we wanted to keep you posted on its progress through the system. The cause of Tiki’s fever was never […]

Considering Pet Insurance: Turning in Our First Claim

As our readers know, last week our Tiki was sick with a still-undiagnosed fever. She was at the vet’s office for three days, coming home at night with an IV catheter in her arm (and a cone to keep her from removing the catheter!) She had urine tests, X-rays, tick titers, and more. I’m really, […]

Finding the Best Pet Insurance

One of the most common questions we’re asked here at DogTipper is regarding pet insurance. Selecting a pet insurance company is no small matter; it’s an important decision for the health of your pets (and for your pocketbook). We have two resources we’d like to point out to our readers: This review site features […]

Pet Insurance and Cushing’s Syndrome

Pet Insurance and Cushing’s Syndrome This is a sponsored post by John Lewis Insurance, a leading supplier of pet insurance in the UK. Pet insurance can offer financial protection if your pet is diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome. The best pet insurance policies could include paying veterinary bills and paying your pet directly, as well as […]

Pet Insurance Discount Code

Last week we wrote about a pet bloggers’ webinar DogTipper attended about Kroger and PetFirst Healthcare. They offered us a special discount to pass along to DogTipper readers. Discount: Enter the promo code 99-99-45-5534 when enrolling for a $15 discount. For More Information: visit (We are not receiving any compensation for this or for […]

Learning About Pet Insurance

Yesterday DogTipper had the chance to take part in a VIP Pet Blogger Intro to Pet Insurance webinar sponsored by Kroger and PetFirst Healthcare. From the comfort of the couch (accompanied by my two trusty researchers, who were sleeping on the job), I joined in the webinar to learn more about pet insurance in general […]

Veterinary Spending Increases Nearly 10% Since Last Year

Here’s some interesting news we just ran across: Trupanion pet insurance has announced that veterinary spending has increased 9.78 percent since last year. The pet insurance company analyzed third-quarter data from 2009 and 2010 for all dog breeds. According to the American Pet Products Association, veterinary care is the second highest spending category behind food, […]