Enter the #PetsAddLife Children’s Poetry Contest!

My Best Friend by John Bigley My best friend lies sleeping in the sun beside me, remembering the fun we shared, coat full of burrs and a lolling tongue, he seems to smile, four feet still running as he dreams. He’s always happy when I come to play; he cocks his head a certain way, […]

#PetsAddLife … And Laughter

National Get a PAL for Your Pet Day, November 19, is fast approaching. Even though we have six pets in our household, this is a topic that is under constant discussion. Last year I really wanted to add an aquarium to our home for the enjoyment of both our dogs and our cats. We’ve had […]

Nov. 19: National Multiple Pet Ownership Day Shows #PetsAddLife

As you know, we’re a big family here with a household of eight: two humans, two dogs, and four cats. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love watching all the interaction between our pets, each with a unique and special relationship with the others. Tiki and Irie are definitely best buddies and […]

#PetsAddLife to Our Home

Someone asked us the other day about our family so we explained that we had a large family. We proceeded to list all the members besides the two of us: Irie, Tiki, Felix, Linus, Inca, and Coco. Although we might not have any children at home, we definitely do feel that we have a large […]

New #PetsAddLife Videos Show Value of Friendship

As you know, we have multiple pets around here. Well, with two dogs and four cats, we’re probably past the multiple pets stage and into the “it’s our house and it contains multiple humans” stage. But that’s OK. We just love watching all the interaction between Irie and Tiki…and between the cats…and between the cats […]

Our Life with Multiple Pets #petsaddlife

We love having multiple pets. Since the day we married (25 years ago), there’s never been a day when we’ve had fewer than three pets. When we married, we each had pets who blended as sort of a furry Brady Bunch family. Through the years, the mixture of cats and dogs (and a procession of […]