Avoiding Sago Palms With Your Dog

Do you have any sago palm trees at your home? Or does your usual dog walk take you near any sago palms? If so, please be sure to read this story sent to us by Tampa’s Keene Veterinary Hospital. Paula Tatgenhorst, who had been living in Tampa for only nine months after relocating from St. […]

Accessing Pet Poison Information On the Road

As travel season gets closer, we wanted to share an important new resource that we think will be especially helpful for dog lovers traveling with their pets. The veterinarians at Pet Poison Helpline have just released a new iPhone app called “Pet Poison Help” that puts pet poison info at your fingertips as you travel. […]

5 Items You Might Have in Your Purse That Could Poison Your Pet

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/ifvsyIM5NnE 588 429] You’ve probably dog-proofed your house…but have you thought about what’s in your purse? Today we received a very helpful press release from the Pet Poison Helpline about five common purse items that can be harmful and even deadly to dogs. I don’t have all these items in my purse but I […]

Identifying Plants & Flowers Poisonous to Dogs

The holidays will soon be coming up and that means plants and flowers in our homes and the homes of people we’re visiting, perhaps with our dogs. But do you know which plants and flowers are toxic to your dog? Today we received news from 1stinflowers.com that they’ve compiled a very helpful page featuring poisonous […]

Easter Lilies Dangerous To Cats

Although often a springtime staple in many homes, cat lovers should be aware that Easter lilies (also known by the scientific name Lilium longiflorum) are poisonous to cats. Every segment of the flower–and several other varieties of lilies–can be fatal to felines. Once ingested, vomiting and lethargy can quickly lead to kidney failure, followed by […]

Knowing the Danger of Homemade Play Dough

Homemade play dough. Made in your kitchen with just a few ingredients, it seems so safe. And it is, for your children–your two-legged ones. It’s another story for your four-legged kids, though. Homemade play dough can be toxic if consumed by your dog because of the high level of salt used in making the dough. […]

Avoiding Autumn Dangers to Your Dog

Autumn is a beautiful time of year to get out an enjoy with your dog but this season presents its own special dangers to dogs as well. While you and your dog enjoy your fall walks, be sure to keep an eye out for these seasonal hazards to dogs: Antifreeze. Fall means it’s time for […]

Keeping Your Dog Away from Xylitol

You know to keep your dog away from substances like chocolate, antifreeze, and even raisins. But did you know the Xylitol, the substance found in many sugarfree gums and some diet foods, is toxic to dogs? The number of xylitol poisonings in the country is on the rise as the number of sugar free products […]

Recognizing Signs of Poisoning

In yesterday’s tip, we shared some tips from Bark Busters on avoiding substances toxic to your dog, a subject especially timely since this is National Animal Poison Prevention Week. Today we look at Bark Buster’s tips on recognizing signs of toxicity or poisoning in your dog. While you might know the substances to avoid, what […]

Avoiding Substances Toxic to Your Dog

This week is National Animal Poison Prevention Week, focusing attention on a topic that’s important to every dog lover. Knowing what to look out for and what to avoid with your dog is essential, especially as you start to enjoy the spring weather and take your dog to parks and public places where you might […]