Review: PoopBuddy

We all know that many (many!) people do not pick up their dog’s waste. Not only does it present a health hazard to everyone thanks to runoff into our water supply and bacteria in the soil, but it also creates a reason for businesses to re-evaluate their pet-friendly policies. Hotels and parks could start to […]

Holiday Gift Guide: PoopPac

It’s no secret that poop happens and dog lovers need to deal with it…but with the PoopPac, you can deal with it in style. I love this trim bag embossed with the shape of a paw print that has two separate compartments for carrying your own goodies in a sanitary area that also holds new […]

Review: POOPAK Dog Walker’s Tote

Product: POOPAK What It Is: tote for dog waste bags (new and used) and essentials for your dog walk Manufacturer: MO Stuff, Austin, Texas DogTipper Review: Let’s face it: when you’re walking your dogs, your hands are full. (And, with two dogs, we know this is REALLY true.) You don’t want to tote a purse […]

Dicky Bag Review

Product: Dicky Bag What It Is: hands-free dog walking bag for odor-free dog waste transport (or for must-haves for the dog walk, from your keys and phone to tennis balls) Manufacturer: Dicky Bag Limited DogTipper Review: As dog lovers well know, there is no poop fairy…we are all responsible for picking up after our dogs […]

Doody Digger Pooper Scooper Review

Product: The Doody Diggerâ„¢ What It Is: Lightweight, one-piece pooper scooper Manufacturer: Doody Products, LLC DogTipper Review: Although we have a large yard and live out in the country, we’ve always been pretty diligent about removing dog waste from our yard. After all, we drink well water and our well is just a stone’s throw […]

Going Green with Poop Bags

It’s not too early to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions for you and your dog–and one of those resolutions can be helping your dog go green! We’ve got a great tip here from Kari Whitman; along with being a special correspondent for Extra, she’s a true green guru and a great friend of dogs. […]