Review: Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You to Know (Book)

Review: Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You to Know: Eleven Courageous Canines Tell All Authors: Hy Conrad and Jeff Johnson, art direction by Dean Stefanides Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc., Napierville, IL DogTipper Review: One of our favorite quotations about canines is credited to Andy Rooney and appears in our book My Dog Says I’m a Great […]

Review: Charlie Bear (Book)

Title: Charlie Bear: What a Headstrong Rescue Dog Taught Me About Life, Love, and Second Chances Author: B.J. Taylor Publisher: Inspiring Voices (A Service of Guideposts), Bloomington, IN DogTipper Review: Award-winning author B.J. Taylor presents the true story of Charlie Bear, a scruffy rescue dog who worked his way into Taylor’s family and into her […]

Review: Doggie Sprinkles by Lincoln Bark

Product: Doggie Sprinkles™ What it is: nutritional additive for dog food Manufacturer: Lincoln Bark LLC, Chicago, Il (Made in USA) DogTipper Review: Here’s a quick, easy way to add flavor and nutrition to your dog’s daily diet. Doggie Sprinkles™ come in five different flavors: Shrimp Salmon Duck & Pea Roasted Peanut Chicken Liver Doggie Sprinkles […]

Review: Tick’d-Off

Product: Tick’d-Off What It Is: Natural plant-based tick control formula for dogs Manufacturer: Arcanatura LLC (Groton, CT) DogTipper Review: A cleverly-named product aimed at a serious health issue, Tick’d-Off uses clinically tested essential oils to kill ticks which have attached themselves to your dog. A few summers ago, we had a major tick infestation in […]

Book Review: No Dogs Allowed!

Book: No Dogs Allowed! Author: Linda Ashman; illustrations by Kristin Sorra Publisher: Sterling Children’s Books DogTipper Review: Linda Ashman’s books for children have won numerous awards and tons of praise. No Dogs Allowed!, published in 2011, tells the story (mostly in pictures) of Alberto’s City Lights Restaurant which hopes to entice passersby with a “Welcome” […]

Review: Woofwerks Leather Dog Collar

Product: “The Tucker” by Woofwerks What it is: Premium, all-leather dog collar Manufacturer: Woofwerks in Boston, Mass. (Made in USA) DogTipper Review: Collars, collars, collars; we’ve been through quite a few with Irie and Tiki. During their puppy days, we went through inexpensive collars right and left. The duo was capable of chewing each other’s […]

Review: FUR Dry by FURminator

Product: FURminator FUR Dry™ What it is: water absorbent dog coat to wear after a bath Manufacturer: FURminator Inc. DogTipper Review: Even if your dog loves taking a bath, as soon as it’s over, he only has one thing on his mind: drying off! Even during the hottest summer on record here in central Texas, […]

Winner’s Gallery: Halloween Dog Collar from Mona Lucy Design

My Dog’s Name: Mojo Giveaway prize my dog won: Halloween Dog Collar from Mona Lucy Design What my dog thought of the prize: Mojo loves his new Mona Lucy Design candy corn dog collar! When the package arrived, he was excited to see what it contained. When I put the collar on him, he spent […]

Review: Holistic Select Radiant Adult Health

Product: Holistic Select Radiant Adult Health What it is: Premium, all natural dog food Manufacturer: Holistic Select (WellPet LLC, Tewksbury, MA); made in USA DogTipper Review: We recently reported on Holistic Select’s online pet health tool, the Holistic Select Health Scale, which lets pet parents determine how well they are doing in promoting their pet’s […]

Review: PetQRTag

Product: PetQRTag What it is: Pet ID tag imprinted with QR code Manufacturer: in Lawrenceville, GA DogTipper Review: It’s great to be living in a time when so many wonderful pet products are being developed, when our technology-rich culture delivers a product that has the potential for making our pets’ lives safer and removes […]