Examining Corn as a Dog Food Ingredient, Part Two

In yesterday’s look at her examination of corn as a dog food ingredient, canine nutrition expert Tracie Hotchner examined how corn originally came to be named as a protein source in dog food. Today we look at part two of the author and talk show host’s look at corn as a dog food ingredient: Categorizing […]

Examining Corn as a Dog Food Ingredient

In her latest series of nutritional tips, canine nutrition expert Tracie Hotchner has been examining the role of protein in your dog’s diet. Today Hotchner looks at an ingredient seen in many foods: corn. The highest profit margin for a pet food company is in the dry food, and that profit is even higher if […]

Understanding Essential Amino Acids in Your Dog’s Food

In “Understanding Proteins in Your Dog’s Food,” canine nutrition expert Tracie Hotchner looked at the “building blocks of life.” Today Hotchner looks at a specific portion of protein: amino acids. She examines the difference between amino acids in meat compared to those in corn proteins: Proteins are composed of twenty amino acids, about half of […]

Understanding Proteins in Your Dog’s Food

In Tracie Hotchner’s last canine nutrition tip, she examined the fact that our dogs are carnivores and need meat to survive. Today this canine nutrition expert and author looks at proteins, the “building blocks” of life: As you probably know from human nutrition, protein foods are considered the basic material from which most cells are […]

Examining the Proteins in Your Dog’s Food

Protein is an important part of your dog’s diet…but are you feeding your dog the right proteins? Today we start a new series of canine nutrition tips from author and radio show host Tracie Hotchner examining the the proteins that go into your dog’s food. According to Tracie, Dogs are considered carnivores – they need […]

Handling of Dog Food Related to Nutritional Value

A trip to a pet specialty store will provide a whole range of dog foods, from kibble all the way to raw. How does the state of the food itself relate to its nutritional value? In today’s canine nutrition tip, expert Tracie Hotchner looks at the link between how the food has been handled and […]

Feeding Your Dog Real, Fresh Food

Selecting the food that goes in your dog’s dish means making some of the same choices that apply when we select our own foods. In today’s canine nutrition tip, expert Tracie Hotchner compares buying fresh versus powdered drinks for ourselves and the importance of applying those same principles to our dog’s diet: If you had […]

Understanding Ingredient Splitting in Dog Food

If you’ve read many dog food labels, you’re probably familiar with the practice of “ingredient splitting” although you may not know it by that name. In today’s canine nutrition tip, expert Tracie Hotchner examines this practice and what it means for your dog’s food: Food fragments from one ingredient or “ingredient splitting” on the dog […]

Watching for Powdered Cellulose in Dog Food

We all need fiber in our diets but it’s important to look at the source of that fiber found in your dog’s food. In today’s nutrition tip, canine nutrition expert Tracie Hotchner looks at what is a surprising ingredient in some dog food: powdered cellulose. Powdered cellulose is a fiber source in dry dog food […]

Understanding Brewers Rice in Dog Food

Fiber is an important and necessary part of a dog’s diet, just like our own, but the many fiber sources can be confusing as you shop for your dog’s food. Canine nutrition expert Tracie Hotchner, author of The Dog Bible, examines a commonly seen fiber source in many dog foods: brewers rice. Brewer’s rice would […]