Recognizing Holiday Dangers

Yesterday we shared some tips on recognizing and reducing holiday pet stress from PurinaCare Pet Health Insurance. Today we wanted to pass along their list of some of the most common pet dangers related to the holidays: TASTES: Chocolate, alcohol, raisins, Christmas tree preservative SCENTS: Candles, liquid potpourris CHEWABLES: Holiday lights, electrical cords, batteries SIGHTS: […]

Recognizing & Reducing Holiday Pet Stress

The holidays are stressful for us–just think how they are on our pets! The different noises and lights, the hustle and bustle of people coming and going, and then there’s that big tree in the house! Today we’ve got some great tips from PurinaCare Pet Health Insurance for recognizing the signs of holiday-related stress in […]

Recognizing Back to School Stress in Dogs

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…for kids and dogs alike. And then along comes back to school time. Along with being an adjustment for children, the return to the school schedule is an adjustment for family pets as well. Today we have a guest post from Dr. William H. Craig, DVM, Chief Medical and Underwriting Director of […]

PurinaCare Adds New Accident-Only Policy

Looking to save some money on pet care? (And who isn’t?) We just received news of some new, more affordable pet health insurance plans to cover accidents and illnesses involving your pet. PurinaCare® now offers three co-insurance levels 20%, 30% and 40% and adds an Accident Only Policy that is priced at $9 a month […]

Facebook Friday, May 27, 2010

It’s time for Facebook Friday! Every week we feature four new finds of our own DogTipper Facebook page. This week we spotlight: Pet of the Day The very popular fan page for focuses on, you guessed it, cute pets! Look for countless fan pet photos here, a great way to perk up your […]

PurinaCare Offers Military Discount on Pet Insurance

We just received word that PurinaCare Insurance Services Inc. will offer a special military discount on pet insurance starting June 1, 2010 for all active and retired U.S. military personnel. “As a retired Navy captain, I identify with the brave sacrifices our servicemen and women are making for our country and how the call of […]

PurinaCare Establishes Vet Student Award Thanks to Miracle Pet

The moving story of “Miracle Pet” Katie has led PurinaCare Insurance Services, Inc. to create an annual financial award for a veterinary student at the Michigan State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. MSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital honored 50 “Miracle Pets”, living examples of the great benefits of advancements in veterinary medicine. The “Miracle Pets” were celebrated […]

Recognizing Dog Flu

This is the year of flu worries…not just for ourselves but for our dogs as well. Whether you call it H3N8, the Dog Flu or canine influenza, this highly contagious flu (not to people, solely dogs) has been identified in more than 30 states so far. How It’s Spread: The flu can be spread dog […]

Avoiding Halloween Hazards to Your Dog

Halloween is a fun time for you and your family–but it can be a dangerous time for your dog. Before the holiday begins, PurinaCare® Pet Health Insurance (1-877-8-PURINA) is urging dog families to pet-proof their homes to avoid the top Halloween hazards that can harm your pet and lead to expensive emergency veterinary care. Top […]

Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

Last week, we shared a tip from PurinaCare(R) Pet Health Insurance about how to spot heatstroke in your dog–a serious condition your dog can fall victim to in as little as an hour. Even better than recognizing heatstroke, though, is preventing it in the first place. How can you make sure your dog doesn’t get […]