Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth with Q-tips

Brushing your dog’s teeth isn’t just a great idea for your dog’s dental health; healthy teeth and gums can help prevent all kinds of diseases and infections throughout the entire body. Brushing your dog’s teeth doesn’t require any special equipment…you can even use Q-tipsĀ® as a doggie toothbrush! To brush your dog’s teeth with Q-tips, […]

Cleaning Up Pet Hair with Q-tips

OK, with two dogs and four cats, one thing we have a LOT of in this house is pet hair. It finds itself into every nook and cranny in the house. I’ve found dog hair in the corners of picture frames, cat hair in the corners of (closed!) cabinets, and pet dander and hair in […]

Applying Ointment with Q-tips

Do you sometimes need to apply ointment to your dog? In our house, it’s usually Irie who needs ointment; she’s allergic to flea bites and even one bite will send her into a gnawing frenzy. She’ll bite off all her fur in one place and leave a bloody bare patch if we don’t keep a […]

Cleaning Stuffable Toys with Q-tips

We love treating our dogs to stuffable toys like KONG. Irie and Tiki love them, and they make a great way to occupy the dogs for a while if we have some tasks we don’t need their help with (like mopping the floor this weekend!) If you’re not familiar with KONGs, they’re rubber toys designed […]

$1 Off Q-Tips

We’ve told you some great ways to use Q-tips for your pet’s needs and we know YOU have come up with many great ways, too…so we wanted to share this $1 off coupon from Q-tips. Visit the Q-tips Facebook page to download a $1 off coupon for any TWO (2) Q-tipsĀ® products (170 count or […]

Cleaning Your Pet’s Fountain with Q-tips

With two dogs and four cats in our house, we got through a LOT of drinking water here. We have two pet fountains that both the dogs and cats absolutely love. We love that it encourages them to drink more water, always a healthy thing for any pet. The only downside? Those fountains have to […]

Cleaning Your Dogs Paws with Q-tips

After a record drought here, we’ve been having some rain. Not heavy rain like we really need, mind you, but just enough to create mud in the yard. (And because of last summer’s drought, all of our grass except for the winter rye we’ve thrown out is gone. We’re down to bare dirt in places…and […]

Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears #tipsters

[iframe 480 360] Have you looked in your dog’s ears lately? Your dog’s ears, especially long, floppy ears, can hold dirt and moisture and be a fertile ground for the growth of fungus. In the above video, you can watch as I clean out our dog Irie’s ears with Facebook page. Irie is part […]

Dog Show Beauty Tips with Q-tips #tipsters

On Thursday, the National Dog Show Presented by Purina airs right after the Thanksgiving Day Macy’s Parade. Over 20 million viewers will be watching as 2000 dogs and handlers vie for Best In Show. The television broadcast marks the start of the “triple crown” of dog shows, followed by December’s AKC/Eukanuba National Championship and February’s […]