Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Dog Toys Review & Video

We told you all about our big trip to the beach last week with Irie and Tiki. The drive from our home to the coast is over four hours long…and that’s a long, long drive if you’re sharing the journey with a squeaker toy. But fortunately we had a new toy from Quaker Pet Group […]

Review: Sherpa Ultimate Pet Carrier

As we’ve written about before, before we started DogTipper we were full-time travel writers. We specialized in guidebook writing so that meant being on the move a lot, often living out of our suitcases since we didn’t have time to unpack at each one-night research stop. When we weren’t living out of the luggage, we […]

Senior Dog Gifts: Silver Tails Bottoms Up Harness

The Silver Tails Bottoms Up Harness is a thoughtful product for dogs suffering from weak hindquarters. It’s a cleverly designed harness which allows a dog handler to help support the dog’s back end while walking, ascending steps, or entering a vehicle. The adjustable harness strap fits around the dog’s back legs and is then clipped […]

Senior Dog Gifts: Silver Tails Vet-Tech Dental Care System

We’ve been reporting about Silver Tails products for senior pets for DogTipper’s Senior Gift Guide. We’ve looked at the Silver Tails Hand-Held Massager, Infrared Massager, Bamboo-Charcoal Mats & Pet Bed Covers, and their Senior-Friendly Chew Toys. We are glad that the needs of senior pets are being recognized and met by this range of thoughtful […]

Senior Dog Gifts: Silver Tails Hand-Held Massager

Senior pets suffer from some of the same signs of aging as humans do, including stiff joints, aching muscles, and decreased activity levels. For these pets, a good massage can do wonders by alleviating pain, stimulating muscles and restoring joint flexibility (as well as inducing tail-wagging contentment). The Hand-Held Massager from Silver Tails is a […]

Senior Dog Gifts: Silver Tails Infrared Massager

Looking for a way to give your senior dog (or cat) a little extra love this holiday season? Older pets often suffer from age-related maladies such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, and sore muscles, conditions which often be relieved by a good massage. Massaging your pet provides multiple benefits by soothing aching joints and muscles, encouraging […]

Senior Dog Gifts: Silver Tails Bamboo-Charcoal Mats & Pet Bed Covers

As the weather gets cool, older people can feel discomfort in their joints…and the same goes for our older dogs, too. We recently received some really interesting new products to review that are part of a brand-new line of senior pet products called Senior Tails™ from the Quaker Pet Group. This new line includes Bamboo-Charcoal […]

Senior Dog Gifts: Silver Tails Senior-Friendly Chew Toys

Just like older humans, older dogs have special needs. They may have weaker teeth and gums (and jaws) and need something a little softer for chewing activity. They may have diminished vision and need toys that are easy to see. But they definitely still have a need for fun! And that’s where Silver Tails™ Senior-Friendly […]